Scientists have made a breakthrough in the study of the brain

Scientists from Stanford University have concluded that part of the brain responsible for orientation in space, much more complicated structure than previously thought, according to “Orthodox”.

The author of the experiment Lisa Dicomo focused on the fact that “navigation” part of the human brain is very difficult. To see this, was conducted a large-scale study involving hundreds of respondents.

The experts asked each of the participants take a test to check the level of brain activity. According to the results, respondents were divided into groups. Previously it was thought that the navigation and actions of humans in space meet the same cells, but this opinion was erroneous.

The activity of neurons, each of the participants of the experiment were significantly different from each other. All thanks to computer tomography was found about 10 classes responsible for navigation, propulsion system, orientation in space, as well as sensitivity to external stimuli. Scientists have suggested that further studies can give an accurate verdict on the fact of having several clusters of neurons in the brain.