What trump said Putin

If you stay in the frame of relations of the Russian Federation, the United States, that is, the five topics to be announced. The first is Syria. Second, North Korea (and here trump should have questions, because he wished to put in place, Kim Jong-UN, but that he to negotiate with China and Russia). The third — of sanctions. The Fourth — Ukraine. And fifth, Russia’s intervention in the American elections. All five discuss can’t, unless Syria. The rest, if discussed, in passing, because the audience is now heated purely informational reasons, a purely virtual space, she expects too much from a small, routine, poorly prepared meetings on the sidelines of a completely different event.

This is not a bilateral meeting, not a special summit, and a formal meeting in Hamburg. Nothing serious from this communication, I wouldn’t have to wait. Because the decisions and proposals need to cook for weeks, and the preparation time of the meeting was not simple.

I guess the only thing they could seriously discuss is Syria. Because both sides have some common interest, which is to suspend the conflict. Putin’s Russia is well aware: seriously for Assad it has nothing to do, he gets out of control about three quarters of the territory, there will continue their showdown with the participation of the people of the Russian Federation can not control, like the Turks and the Islamists. The conflict itself is likely to continue, and in the interests of both Russia and the United States a bit to distance themselves from it, not to spend so much money, time, forces and people in this conflict.

Other issues, even to touch makes no sense. To speak for 10 minutes about Ukraine — it is impossible, sanctions — neither one nor the other does not want to, because these topics are better discussed in a different, quiet, backstage atmosphere than at the summit, which attracted all eyes. About Korea — most have to speak Tillerson with Lavrov. Leaders do not wait, because neither one nor the other no well-designed package.

We are concerned about a fairly narrow set of problems, thinking that nothing is more important than Syria, Ukraine, North Korea, anti-American or anti-Russian sanctions, like as not. In fact, the problems of Russia at the summit is not exactly in the first place. Maybe somewhere in the fifth. But for trump, it is generally not important in the context of relations with Putin, and in the context of relationships, primarily with the American press that actively uses Russia as a springboard to damage the image of trump. So Russia is now in the American media occupies a disproportionate place: they think that trump’s possible to catch the sympathy to Putin that he was elected to the presidency with the support of Putin that they have common interests. And all this is being actively discussed.

But for Europe this is not so important. There are no big policy, aimed at someone to blame in the friendship with Putin. The EU has serious problems with PACSICOM, all serious problems with China, because it is not clear how to behave, global economic difficulties, the US withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol. A lot of serious things that go beyond what seems important for the Russian, American and, perhaps, the Ukrainian media. But we think that the important relationships trump and Putin nothing.