Anti-corruption authorities took over the state

Anti-corruption authorities took over the state. The detectives NAB is already investigating the scheme of misappropriation of funds and receiving bribes by employees of companies, and the chamber is looking for violations in inflated estimates of films, reports Dnia.

The main financial control on the Ukrainian audit chamber started an audit of the activities of the state. Inspectors want to find out how for the last three years public funds are spent on the development of the national cinema. First of all will be to convert the estimates announced films and compare them with market prices. The results will be announced in the fall.

“Of course, we will verify the estimates of films. Well, first, the amount of funding it, as a rule, co-financing, as parties adhere to the agreement, what gives the state as private investors. And we are going to test these estimates for overstatement, perhaps, ineffective and illegal transactions,” – said the inspector Igor Zaremba.

Activity Philip Ilyenko and his subordinates became interested after investigation of corruption in the state. The Minister of culture of Ukraine is waiting for test results and I am sure that corruption will be overcome. “In part, say there’s some corruption – now it is just, as far as I know, the chamber has gone actively to work for the state. There are other bodies that are interested in the entire process, we trusted them enough. If there are any specific solution, the specific situation and the factual material – obviously, we have to react”, – said Yevhen Nyshchuk.

Scheme of embezzlement of public funds in the state does not differ from the construction of roads or bridges – talking about it and film producers and ordinary workers. The Commission serves the film several times with inflated estimates. The money is allocated, and sharing between all parties in the transaction. Someone takes a cheap movie, someone buys a new jeep. “I had to participate in projects of a historical nature, where we built everything ourselves. And all this was described, if we rented all these castles, churches, and all the material was stone, gold, marble. We never skimped, respectively, wrote 300-500 thousand, and spent 100 hryvnias”, – admitted on condition of anonymity one of participants of such transaction.

Experts in the industry say that the lion’s share of funding for the development of Ukrainian cinema “master” so the two or three producers. The effectiveness with which Directors and producers are spending money, is also doubtful. Special website “Mediananny”, for example, compared the money spent with box office receipts. For example, the film Vladimir Filippov “He who has passed through the fire” with a budget of $ 2 million returned to the state 99 thousand hryvnias.

This did not stop charging the same producer to form another tape – “Occupation”. Her Filippov received from the Department Ilyenko 12 million. And then began the metamorphosis: change of Director, change of actors and… silence. Made this film and who saw it – is not known. The case came before Parliament, MPs demand tighter control. “First of all, social control, particularly in the area of distribution of money at the movies. At least, there are several ways to prove that the money was spent properly – are the results”, – says Alexander Briginets.

Requests from members received and NABOO. They say that investigators are not only interested in the episodes with cut budgets, and corruption in the issuance of permits for films and TV series. Although the Chairman of Goskino Philip Ilyenko how much something any checks of his office denies. “The chamber now does not conduct any inspections,” he argued. But confirms that it was the last time people under his chairmanship distributed the money. With autumn will come into force a new law on cinema and probably the mechanism of distribution of public funds will become more transparent.