Midsummer-2017: divination, rituals and predictions

Midsummer is traditionally celebrated on the night of 6 to 7 July. This night was called magical, because the girls wondered at her spouse, couples jumped over the fire and it’s not just for fun and fun, and to attract prosperity and happiness into your home.

In ancient times it was believed that on the night of Midsummer, and the spirits of earth, water and fire people, and so this is the best time to ask the ancient powers of assistance in business and to reveal his future, reports Lisa.

Fire spirits to give strength body and strength to the senses, perfume the water, healed disease, and the spirits of the land were rewarded with wealth. According to legends, Ivan Kupala night, the trees in the forest go from place to place, confusing strangers, herbs find the healing power, dew washes away the wrinkles and gives beauty, blooming fern, and who will break — will be through the earth to see the hidden treasures, learn to understand the language of plants and animals.

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The fire in the day of Ivan Kupala was endowed with a special power. It is believed that when jumping it, the man will gain strength and courage, and the girl beauty. But if the couple wants to believe their feelings, they should jump over the bonfire, hand in hands: if they don’t disengage the hands to be together happily ever after.

But to find out who’s your soul mate, there are a lot of divination and rites of Midsummer.

Divination starts in the evening – at the setting sun. It is believed that on Kupala’s night you can’t sleep, as it comes to life and becomes particularly active evil spirits – witches, werewolves, snakes, etc … According to the rules of the old rituals girls should be nothing but a long shirt and a wreath on his head. All jewelry should be removed, including the pectoral cross (the Church does not approve of fortune-telling). Hair should be disbanded, all knots untied, hair clips and pins out of your hair.

Divination on the wreath

Weave a wreath of twelve herbs, decorated with wildflowers and plant grass. At sunset it should be carefully lowered to the water and gently push the wreath went to the bottom immediately – alas, love was love; a wreath stuck to the beach – this year, the wedding will not happen, will have to wait at least another year; a wreath swam to the other shore – the groom will be from distant countries; wreath shook from side to side – the fate will be unhappy, you guys will be fooling and throw; wreath floats downstream, you can expect with the wedding mate!

And if the girl really wants to get married, but so far no one in mind, it should tie the wreath in beautiful flight and to let in the river, it was believed that the mermaids be given to take a decoration and help you to attract her spouse. You can still throw a wreath over the fire: if someone of the guys will be able to catch the wreath on the fly, the girl that wove it, is considered to be betrothed this guy.

Divination on wax valicom

Wax Church candle to break into pieces, melt in a spoon over a flame from Midsummer bonfire, pour in a Cup of cold water. To keep the resulting figure by the fire and watch the shadow from her – what will I see, and will tell you the answer to the hidden question.

The old interpretation of figures: a ring or crown – quick wedding chest (purse) – the wealth, the heart is unconditional love, the flag – an unexpected guest star – the luck flower – the new fan, the man is a good friend, undulating figure – the fulfillment of desires, bandwidth – pleasant journey.

Divination by fern

Magical Midsummer fern will help to know the name of her spouse. To do this, take a few large leaves of a fern, to conceive of every man’s name, on each sheet to tie threads of different colors. In the water push the leaves down and release it suddenly. Guy, designed on a twig that will first emerge, and will be your soul mate.

Divination by onions

In Midsummer night, take a few bulbs on each write the name of the guy and place the bulbs in a shallow container of water. Which bulb will sprout earlier, and wait for proposals of marriage.

Divination in the ring

Take that ring more often. In a glass with a flat bottom, pour water and put him in the ring. Then look through the water in the middle of the lowered ring – soon it will seem like the image of the betrothed.

Guessing on the desire

On the night of Ivan Kupala get a new box of matches, hold it in your hands and focus on your wish or question you would like to receive from destiny. Then get a match from the box. Every match saying “come true”, “true” or “Yes”, “no”, or “likes”, “dislikes”. Last match – will be the answer.

Guessing on the grass

In the morning of Midsummer rip near the house, two narrow, long blades. One blade of grass should be slightly longer than the other. Short will symbolize you and the long – guy guessing. Then insert the blade of grass next to some slit, so they are hanging down.

The essence of divination: when the grass becomes dry, they will begin to “move”, then closer, then moving away from each other: if blades of grass are drawn to each other, soon expect a serious offer on his part; if a long blade of grass will deflect in the opposite direction from the short, man you guess who is indifferent to you; if you stray blades of grass, but lightly touch each other, your relationship is not so simple and smooth, but there is hope.

Guessing on colors

Pour into a wide and shallow container of water. Gently put in her two ripped off the heads of the flowers, for example daisies. If the flowers float in different directions from each other – you favorite. If you do — you will be together forever. If will remain at the same distance – the future of your relationship is still unclear.

Divination by circles on the water

Fetch the water in a wide container. Ask: “water, Water, whether we be sweet together forever?” and throw it in the water a small pebble. An even number of circles on the water your wish will come true, an odd – turn.

Guessing at the root

Midsummer go out into the field and pluck the left “podsedice” hand with the root of any plant. The root of the plant will tell you what will husband-to-be: the thicker the root, the richer will be judged; long and smooth root says about the quiet disposition of the elect, but winding and short warns that the future spouse will be cunning and quarrelsome; a thick but short root says that you will link their fate with a rich but greedy man; and if the root is fibrous, with many branches, expect treachery and deceit.

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