The new penalties, penalties for debt and disconnection: as Ukrainians will the new version of the law on utility services

In 2017, the Council will consider on second reading the draft law “On housing and communal services (HCS)”. The adoption of the new edition of the chief municipal law is long overdue: over the last few years in Ukraine there were companies of condominiums (ajoah), and there is a issue with debtors. The document regulates the rights and obligations of a condominium, introduced penalties for late payments for utility services and fines for unscrupulous suppliers. The website “Today” figured out how the new version of the law “On housing services” will change the lives of Ukrainians.

What is the penalty and who will have to pay

According to the first law, the penalty for late payment of communal was supposed to appear this year, however, for the second reading unpleasant for debtors norm was moved to 2018. As explained by one of the authors of the bill Alyona Babak, the penalty is 0.1% of the debt. The total fine amount shall not exceed the amount of the debt.

“In case of untimely payment for utility services the consumer is obliged to pay a penalty in the amount established in the contract, but not higher than 0.1% for each day of delay of debt”, – stated in the bill. Penalties are after the 20th of each month. So, if you pay 30, you will have to pay 1% more. The new rule will affect millions of Ukrainians. So, in a typical high-rise building debts for communal is every fifth apartment, and the total amount of indebtedness exceeded in Ukraine 23 billion hryvnia.

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In the new edition of the law “On housing services” as indicated: if the consumer does not pay more than a month, utilities can disable him. This is not to turn off the electricity and gas at the same time “block” the heat (if it is technically possible), cold and hot water for the debts can. About the disconnect must notify 30 days.

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“The owners, the Manager or condominiums, which carry out management of apartment house and also a person performing maintenance in-house systems of apartment houses, are obliged to provide access by the system for limitation (termination) of providing utility services to the consumer”, – the document says.

“The owners, the Manager or condominiums…are obliged to provide access by the system for limitation (termination) of providing utility services to the consumer,” – the document says.

The supply of public services should resume on the day following repayment of the debt or the signing of the law on debt restructuring.

For substandard services will fine suppliers

In the new edition of the law, the parliamentarians propose to punish poor service providers. So if more often than twice a year, shut off utilities or provide them in an incomplete or inadequate quality, the contractor shall pay a penalty double the size of the cost of poor servants.

Two minutes later after opening the faucet hot water temperature should fluctuate in the range of 50-75 degrees. If the temperature is 45-49 degrees, under current law, to pay for it for 10% less. If the temperature at the tap 40 to 44 degrees – you can pay 30% less then, and if it is below 40 degrees – for hot water you can pay the tariff on cold water.

Standards for hot water:

  • 50-75 degree – pay 100%
  • 45-49 degrees – pay 90%
  • 40-44 degrees – pay 70%
  • Less than 40 degrees – to pay the tariff on cold water

If Parliament adopts new version of law “On utility services”, the supplier will have to pay a fine. Thus, the current rate of “Kyivenergo” – is 83.1 hryvnia per cubic meter of hot water. To Primor, a family of three per month uses a 4.8 cubic meters of hot water. If the water temperature is, for example, 50 and 49 degrees, instead of 398,8 USD can pay 358 hryvnias (10% less), and the service provider will have to pay a fine in the amount of pain 700 hryvnia.

Count bills should the suppliers once to him in writing appeal to consumers. The representative of the company should measure the water temperature and make the act. If the service provider handling ignore – you can go to court. As the lawyer says Alena Protsenko, Kiev very rarely use their rights in matters of housing and not in a hurry to go to court, if the pressure in the system on the upper floors of high-rise buildings bad water, or is hot water – warm.

Ukrainians will be obliged to submit meter readings

“As evidenced by the first half of the heating season, not all the owners of individual meters of heating in time pass on their testimony of the power company,” – noted in “Cavenago”. However, paying for used Gcal still have. The total amount is distributed between the apartments have no individual heat meters, as a result, amounts in the payment for heating can be up to 10 thousand hryvnia.

At the moment the Law does not specify who is required to submit evidence of individual heat meters and who controls this process. In the new edition of the law “On housing services” this duty impose on the consumers themselves.

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By the way, this “utility innovations” for the Ukrainians are not over. The relevant committees of Parliament have prepared zakonoproekt “About energy efficiency of buildings”. As told by one of the authors of the document, MP Oleksiy Ryabchin, energy audit, after the adoption of the law will have to be:

  • Buildings
  • The buildings, which are bodies of state and local governments
  • Residential high-rises, which claim to participation in government programs

“I, along with Alyona Babak, the Committee of housing and communal services, we have teamed up and filed version, which was signed by the representatives of all political forces. It gives me the opportunity to assume that this version of the bill in Parliament will support”, – says Alexey Ryabchin.

The bills should take at least until April – this must be done for the launch of the energy efficiency Fund.