Klitschko: the finish of the era

Ex-world champion in the heavyweight division refused the rematch with the black Brit Anthony Joshua in which whatever the outcome of the battle his fee would have amounted to a figure of seven-figures in dollars or euros. On the one hand, the move seems logical. Vladimir 41 years, the last two fights he lost.

On the other hand, the majority of Boxing experts were convinced that Ukrainian at least once get in the ring. His April fight with Anthony Joshua in London was a striking distillation of a legendary career. Crazy hype (the price of the tickets in the first row near the ring was 60 thousand pounds in the denominations of 2 thousand), a Packed 90-thousand “Wembley”, a live broadcast of the battle in 150 countries.

The fight ended with the defeat of Vladimir technical knockout. Although the ring was not so simple: the 6 round, the Ukrainian sent the Briton to heavy knockdown. It seemed that Anthony swam, and after the next exact hit of the Ukrainian the outcome of the battle would be a foregone conclusion. But Joshua recovered, and eventually at the end of the fight the referee in the ring and raised the hand of his opponent Klitschko.

A conversation between two gentlemen with gestures at Wembley has brought a record charges. In Albion to see the broadcast of this was only possible in the format of a pay-per-view, paying for the pleasure 19.95 pounds. One and a half million British people, this cost is not confused. That is, only the sale of television rights in the UK brought about 30 million pounds. Or a billion hryvnia! And there were financial capacious American and German tolerance.

Given the drama that accompanied the April fight, public attention to the match-revenge would be even greater. Pre-rematch going to take place in Las Vegas on November 11. Team Joshua even went to inspect the local arena and hurried, for his part, Vladimir with the answer. Today’s decision Klitschko recalled the story of the rematch Lennox Lewis — Vitali Klitschko.

June 21, 2003 in Los Angeles, Vitali gave a stunning battle against Lennox, led to the scorecards, but was pulled from the fight by the doctor due to a deep cut eyebrow. The bout was voted the best fight of the decade in the heavyweight division. Lewis refused the rematch and retired from her sports career. Now the situation is similar, only the characters have changed: in the role of Lewis by Vladimir Klitschko, Vitali in the role of Anthony Joshua.


I was lucky enough to see the entire championship era of Klitschko. Perhaps I was the only Ukrainian journalist who has worked in all the battles of Vladimir from 2007 to 2017. Experiences about them I would divide into two segments. The first — from 2007 to 2014-th year. Vladimir dominates in the ring. Dominates so much that sometimes even a little interesting. Ukrainian product with German quality head and shoulders above opponents.


For seven years, two memorable fight. The first was in July 2011 with Briton David Haye. Haye — latest championship belt in the heavyweight division, which at that time, the Klitschko brothers lack. Talks about the fight going two and a half years. And now on football arena in Hamburg in the presence of 45 thousand spectators in rainy weather David gives a competitive fight Vladimir, but naturally lose on points.

The second fight is remembered more for its political overtones. October 5, 2013 in Moscow sport complex “Olympic” Vladimir arranges demonstration public flogging Alexander Povetkin. The Russians four times turns out on the canvas of the ring. Ukrainian, it just declassified — wins the fight with a record for championship fights in the heavyweight division account. All three judges put 119:104 (according to the rules of professional Boxing, winning a round is estimated to be 10: 9; if the advantage of the fighter in round enormous or it sends the opponent in a knockdown — the score 10:8).

The Russians then bought the rights to battle at auction for $ 23 million, which caused surprise the entire Boxing world — at the auction they offered the price three times above the market. The losses from the battle of Moscow the parties made more than $ 10 million. Ahead of the meeting, I wrote in the Russian sports newspaper “Soviet Sport” a view from Ukraine — a column called “Mind Russia not to understand”. The material tried unsuccessfully to trace the logical chain of the Russian organizers, who paid a huge fee to Wladimir Klitschko for the fact that he arrived in Moscow and was looking forward to their “Russian Vityaz”. This article did not go unnoticed in the day of battle, I was unexpectedly deprived journalist accreditation for the Boxing tonight, so I had to go to the event on the ticket.

With 2014 already starts the next period in the career of Vladimir. Ukrainian is prepared to exchange the fifth decade, and this factor with each fight becoming more and more obvious. 15 Nov 2014 Klitschko in Hamburg hard knocks out of the Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev, who during the battle suddenly, fearlessly rushing forward. And in the next match on 25 April 2015 in new York the Ukrainian can not repeat this glorious maneuver in confrontation with the American Bryant Jennings. Thanks to its experience and size Vladimir won the battle, but experts note that the speed of the Vladimir began to fall. 28 Nov 2015 in Dusseldorf Klitschko concedes all his championship titles Briton Tyson fury.


The contract for the bout stated point about the match-revenge in case of defeat the champion. But the match-revenge not destined to come true. In doping sample Tyson fury revealed cocaine, then the Briton admits that undergoing treatment for drug addiction and in the moment not thinking about Boxing. He is deprived of all titles, fury hangs up the gloves. Because of this situation, Vladimir in 2016 is not out in the ring. His last epic battle he spends April 29, 2017.

What’s next

While still in the Zenith of his Boxing career, Vladimir tries to realize itself in the field of business. In Hamburg with his older brother opened the company KMG (Klitschko Management Group), which is organizing his fights in Europe. In Los Angeles promotion company, K2, in charge of the organization of fighting in the United States. Vladimir became his own promoter and his own company was engaged in the monetization of the brand Klitschko.

For many years Ukrainian actively advertises primarily the German brands — and these endorsements make him millions of euros. From 2016, Vladimir lectures at the elite University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). Name of the course — “Change and management challenges”. Specific examples from your experience Ukrainian tells how to overcome difficulties and to cope with problems.

7 November in Hamburg Wladimir has presented its new brand Klitschko, sub-brands and partners. Among the latter — Telekom Deutschland GmbH, SAP AG, Porsche AG and McFIT Global Group. Klitschko, a businessman with a lot of ambitious plans: in particular, at the same presentation, he announced the company’s intention to enter the market of sports shoes.

The Klitschko era in Boxing is over. From her unforgettable memories. And yet — Museum of Klitschko brothers ‘ achievements, which three years working in Kiev at the NSC “Olympic”, where tours are free. Let’s see what will be the era of Klitschko in the business. In politics brother Vladimir is not going to go.


Top 5 most memorable fights of Wladimir Klitschko


April 29, 2017. London, Wembley stadium.
Anthony Joshua (Britain) — Vladimir Klitschko.
The result: the defeat of Vladimir technical knockout in the 11th round.

October 5, 2013. Moscow, sports complex “Olympic”.
Wladimir Klitschko — Alexander Povetkin (Russia).
The result: the victory of Vladimir Klitschko on points with a record score for the championship fight in the heavyweight division (all three judges put 119:104).

July 2, 2011. Hamburg, Imtech-Arena.
Wladimir Klitschko — David Haye (UK).
The result: the victory of Vladimir Klitschko on points. The Ukrainian won the world title WBA and joined all the championship belts in the most prestigious world Boxing in superheavy weight under the same family roof Klitschko.

April 10, 2004. Las Vegas.
Wladimir Klitschko — Lamon Brewster (USA).
The result: the defeat of Vladimir by TKO in the 5 round. The scandalous debacle in Klitschko’s career. The team of Vladimir expressed the version that the Ukrainian was poisoned, because during the fight he suffered a failure in physical condition. The FBI has opened an investigation, but the case was closed due to lack of evidence.

March 8, 2003. Hannover (Germany).
Wladimir Klitschko — Corrie Sanders (South Africa).
The result of the battle: the defeat of Vladimir knockout in the 2nd round. 24 APR 2004 Vitali Klitschko held a demonstration “a brother’s revenge”, knocking out Sanders in the 8th round.