Eggs help prevent short stature in children – study

Just one egg a day can be a great prevention of stunting among children. Such conclusions were made by pediatricians, has published the results of their research in the journal Pediatrics, also reported on the portal EurekAlert!.

The study took place within six months. Scientists during this time observed for 160 children from Ecuador, at the beginning of the experiment, their age was 6-9 months. Half of them ate an egg a day, while the rest acted as a control group.

While scientists weekly visited participating families to collect data and to ensure that children did not have any complications like food allergies. It turned out that among children who ate eggs, the problems with growth were observed in 47% less than in the control group.

Scientists explain this result by the fact that eggs contain many nutrients. According to the who, insufficient for their age growth from 155 million children under five years. Most of them live in poor countries suffer from the lack of necessary growth substances. Daily consumption of eggs allows to at least partially cope with the problem.