The dollar rate in Ukraine is growing due to a holiday in the United States

Today, 5 July, bidding on the dollar on the interbank market of Ukraine began active growth of the dollar.

“At the opening of the market quotes rose by four pennies — to 26.04-26,09 UAH/USD., then the rate continued to go up, and by 10:30 reached 26,11-26,14 UAH/USD. It is the consequences of yesterday’s output in the United States, where he celebrated the independence Day: a dead us banks on account of our exporters today received a new batch of dollar, and they came with a mandatory sale. Wednesday will be sold optional to the sale of part of the proceeds, which is likely not enough to cover all the needs of the business”, — said the head of the Department for dealing operations of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Yuriy Grinenko.

He did not rule out the emergence of the national Bank with the sale of currency, if the dollar quotes will continue to move up. As of 11:00, the regulator in this regard has not made any statements.

Recall, the official dollar rate in Ukraine today is slightly increased. The national Bank has established rates of major foreign currencies:

1 USD – UAH 26,01;
1 Euro 29.53 is UAH;
10 Russian rubles – UAH 4,39.