Why men and women cheat on each other: the main causes

Scientists call the factors that trigger infidelity.

Very often, psychologists blamed for the betrayal of men on the so-called “infidelity gene”, the biological predisposition for polygamy, which, explaining the cheating as a way of ensuring variability of the species. However, female infidelity was not due to biological predisposition, as it is women who are responsible for the safety characteristics of the species and its survival. However, about 25% of women cheating on men in fantasy, and 50% do it in reality, says telegraf.com.ua.

So what pushes on the betrayal of men and women? According to psychologists, their infidelity provoke the following factors:

1.A new hobby.

It often happens that a man or a woman enter into marriage without feeling love. Push them on it’s customs, pressure from parents, fear of loneliness and the desire to change social status. Continuing to live with his other half of inertia, the man unexpectedly meets true love, and unable to change the reality, given the eruption of feeling. Newfound love fills him with new emotions, lust for life and often pushes not only treason, but also on the care of the family.

2.Emotional loneliness.

One feels “alone together”, when a permanent partner is not able to appreciate it, is not emotional contact remains indifferent to all his problems. This situation arises when a married complete strangers having different education belonging to different social groups. And the man is cheating, feeling the new man, the spiritual kinship and sincere interest.

3.Conflicts and contradictions.

If a person does not develop a smooth and harmonious relationship with your partner and living together takes place in an atmosphere of mutual humiliation, claims, quarrels and conflicts, sooner or later a person begins to seek care from such a destructive lifestyle and seeking a way out in relationships outside the family.

4.Very often unfulfilled sexual desires can become a cause of infidelity.

Not being able to get sex dreams about a man looking for side implementation. It is more common in men, not women, and when they meet a sexually liberated woman, I perceive her as a “woman of his dreams” that can help them to experience something new.

5.Often men and women pushing for treason resentment against the partner who betrayed or cheated on.

A kind of revenge, as a rule, only aggravates the situation, not only satisfaction, but also causing a deep sense of shame and guilt.

6.Pathological infidelity.

Man has spiritual qualities, just not able to build a responsible adult relationship with a partner, preferring to diversify their personal life are numerous, non-committal affair, instead of working on serious relations.

7.Recurrent infidelity.

Numerous infidelity, which is a man, obviously knowing that it’ll be forgiven soy partner as it has happened more than once. Woman forgives, fear of losing, and the man goes “breaking bad”, enjoying a sense of impunity.

8.Search of thrills.

In each man the instinct of a hunter who tracks down and catches prey. And sex. Every time a new “victim”, the unpredictable joy of having, the implementation of the most secret fantasies – all this is too attractive to pass up. For a person without a clearly articulated moral barriers, this style of behavior is the norm, and he doesn’t stop, even knowing what causes the pain of a permanent partner. The justification is that cliche: “I – man”!

9.Dissatisfaction with the relationship, including sexual.

New link – source of thrills, vivid emotions, new experiences and confirm their sexual attractiveness. Often men and women in search of new adventures pushes sexual incompatibility with a regular partner.

10.”Just rest.”

It happens that a group of friends relaxes in the sauna and under the influence of alcohol has an idea to call “girls”. Male pride and the fear of being ridiculed pushes even a good family man to have sex with a random woman, which usually brings nothing but remorse.