U.S. passenger train derails

In the U.S. state of Washington passenger train Amtrak derailed. About it reports CNN TV channel.

As have told in rescue service, the incident occurred on the coast of the town of University place next to a Golf course chambers Bay. With derailed four cars of a train in which there were 250 passengers. The incident resulted in no injuries, with severe injuries the doctors did not.

Rescuers said that no the car was not in the water.

#GigHarbor PD patrol boat assisting at scene of train derailment at Chambers Bay/Steilacoom area. pic.twitter.com/ni4YareJOX

— Gig Harbor Police (@GigHarborPolice) 2 Jul 2017

May 13, in Greece a train traveling from Athens to the second largest city of Thessaloniki, derailed, the locomotive crashed into a house. According to updated information, the train was 70 passengers and five staff members. According to specified data, two persons were lost, seven more got wounds.