Profession banker: how Ukrainians build a career in banks and who take on the job

The banking sector is one of the fastest growing in Ukraine. Financiers are among the ten most popular professions and ranks second on the level of wages. More than 140 thousand Ukrainians are working in the banking sector, their income, according to state statistics, approximately two times higher than the national average. HR experts are sure that the job Bank is not only an opportunity to get a “white salary”, but also a chance to build a successful career. The website “Today” talked to the Ukrainians, who have discovered themselves in the banks and find out how to become a successful banker.

How to get a job in the Bank

The average salary in the financial sector – more than 13 thousand hryvnias, according to the data of the state statistics. Just a few years, the salaries of financiers have doubled. Banks are more willing to just take IT-specialists, analysts and managers to work with clients. However, the last salary is in the range of 6-7 thousand UAH. Such a position is ready to take students over the age of 18, the Bank will teach them for free and officially employ. As noted HR expert Aleksandr Belous, more and more Ukrainians prefer the “white” wages and seek formal employment.

“Of course, the main advantage of working in a financial structure as Bank – stable white wages, making the labour code with all the “Goodies”. Especially in the regions is important, many employers are still not matured to this culture, but “white” salary is a guarantee in the first place for the employee. Pension payments for the loss of health or dismissal – it all depends on the official salary level,” – says the expert.

HR expert portal Tatyana Pashkina notes: now banks across the country thousands of jobs, the biggest demand for specialists in the front office for promotion of financial and credit products. The reputation of the banking sector was hit by the closure of a number of banks, however, as noted by the bankers themselves, those financial institutions that have passed the procedure of capitalization and kept afloat in the conditions of crisis, has proven its stability.

“In the banking sector is interesting for job seekers offers and stable employers, but the reputation of the banking market as a whole is undermined by the instability of the situation and the closure of a large number of banking institutions”, – said Tatyana Pashkina.

One of the main advantages of working in a Bank, experts say, is the opportunity for career growth. “The development of retail, there career up there really is. There is an alternative possibility – if there are vacancies in the head office are considered the first internal candidates”, – says Tatyana Pashkina.

For example, in one of the largest Ukrainian banks FUIB take on the job of Ukrainians aged 18 years. Graduates with economic and Finance majors are prepared to teach in the framework of a trainee program – they organize trainings, workshops and webinars. Every six months, the Bank performs an internal certification of employees. If the specialist have proved – is guaranteed to receive a promotion.

The website “Today” talked to a few Ukrainians, who began his career at the Bank while they are still students, and now govern large areas.

Fedot Yeryomenko Deputy Chairman of the management Board of FUIB risk:

I was in the Bank still a student. Studied in a small University – International scientific and technical University. Senior courses needed somewhere to practice, and here I was in the Bank. Experience, of course, I didn’t have any. The usual Intern.

The goal is to get it to the Bank was not. I studied business Finance, about the Bank not even thought of. But there turned out to be very interesting. I actually did well as a trainee, I noticed, and I agreed to stay. I took a Junior technician, was involved in credit analysis. This was back in 1999. Then the sphere moved away from the crisis, the process was adjusted, a lot has changed.

I tried, worked, expressed themselves. I already showed some interests. I wanted to work in the credit analysis. The authorities allowed in parallel with his main job to try my hand at analysis. And it worked for me! So I got in an analytical direction, and soon was one of the originators of risk management.

And then began the most intensive work. There are new tasks, had a lot to learn, a lot to invest in self-development. So I rose to team leader of analysts, and in 2004 I in risk management. Constantly adding new challenges, and we need to find new solutions. Some say that risk management is protecting the Bank from losses. In fact, this understanding has long been obsolete.

My job is to balance between the losses and income of the Bank. In principle, any credit operation risk.

“We need to look for yourself. Someone good in sales, and someone- to work with numbers. And the end of the prestigious University does not guarantee”

More analytical work may be of such romanticism, as in advertising or marketing, there is less. This is for those who can get pleasure from complex analytical work. A good risk Manager in Ukraine, you may obtain 30 or 50 thousand hryvnias. This is a promising and interesting work.
In his career the main thing – not to be mediocre, to be realized. You need to look for yourself. Someone good in sales, and someone- to work with numbers. And the end of the prestigious University does not guarantee, need to constantly evolve, to gain experience and professionalism. If the quarry goes ahead professional knowledge, it ends faster. Talented skilled people are always needed.

Mikhail Sergienko, Director of operations service center Bank:

It was the year 2006. I studied then at the Institute for Finance. Elementary noticed a vacancy in Internet – need the employee to the Bank. So I decided to try it. Went with the hope that the prospect for growth. And so it happened.

What I studied Finance, my choice has nothing to do. If I studied botany, then still would choose the Bank. I started from scratch, worked as a loan representative in the store on Petrovka. I had no special views about the Bank. Thought it was just a piece of paper, accounting, Finance. Were all different. The Bank is a place for specialists, and a diploma of financial education is not a work permit. Moreover, in our time. Banks become more innovative.

Credit representative I worked for only six months. There was a vacancy in the main office, I went, I was noticed and invited. It was a post in the Department of verification of credit applications. Simply put, they had to decide whether to give loan or not. Before, when I worked as a loan representative, I collected the documents and sent them in that Department. And now I began to test the application.

The initial position in the Bank is clearly defined. There are rules, clear instructions. All you need to understand what you’re doing, why, and what might be the consequences for the client and for the Bank. And that’s all. Career gives you more freedom. Now I can think of, to try and introduce new solutions.
I have had several positions. I, in fact, was the second man in the Department of verification. Then a competition was announced, I was elected head of this Department. Later I was involved in Analytics. I soon moved to a unit that handles sales and service for the telephone verification of loan applications, customer support partner banks.

Now I supervise more than 250 people. If you say globally what I do now – I organize the work on remote customer interaction.

People communicate less verbal, prefer to chat, all mobile phones, in apps. And the Bank needs to go. I used to when I was a young professional, and could not think that working in a Bank can be.

Customer service at Viber, Facebook, chat bots, voice recognition is what we are doing now with the team. Of course, my ideas, my personal interest in IT-technologies – all this forms and work. I like that I have the freedom, there is a good team. I see the result of this work, my men can see the results.

“To be successful in the Bank, you must first desire. You need to understand what you’re doing and why”

To be successful in the Bank, you must first desire. You need to understand what you’re doing and why. If you work with understanding, success will always come. Most importantly – do not just mechanically do their job.