Named the most attractive part of a woman’s face

According to the survey, the lips are the most attractive feature in women. During a meeting with a woman, the average man will spend about half the time, staring at her lips.

If a woman is wearing lipstick, she attracts men’s attention even more. Men fix their attention on pink lipstick for 6,7 seconds of the first 10, and red lipstick 7.3 seconds. When the women wore lipstick, the men dedicated on average of 0.95 seconds looking at her eyes and 0.85 seconds gazing at her hair. Naturally, fuller lips are more attractive to men’s eyes, writes

Scientists from Manchester University conducted a study. Scientists showed the men pictures of 50 different women. There were pictures of women with lipstick and without. Dr. Geoff Beattie, who led the study, said: “This study proves that lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of a woman’s body and play an important role in the attraction to the person. Full and red lips combine to provide a perfect tandem for capturing male attention, but women who simply wear lipstick — regardless of their lip type — provide significantly greater levels of attraction than those who do not.

For centuries, women have painted their lips red to enhance their appeal, in ancient Egypt, women used red lipstick and Rouge to be pretty.

Studies show that red lips and perceived attractiveness are still inextricably linked, with red lipstick the most powerful tool and significantly increases visual attention.