Horoscope for July 2-8: the Bulls run the risk of becoming a victim of the evil eye, and Scorpio you need to beware of thieves

ARIES. The rise in business, career inhibited, here the wings are connected. Flowing energy should be spent on improving family welfare, solving everyday problems, restore the relationship “parents-children”. Look back and make conclusions. Who spits in the past, he gets shot from the future!

Enveloped in family love and care, become the standard of the man, the achievement of the global objectives depends on the partnership of harmony. You have to combine a common goal, earthly and spiritual interests, and if they are not, be sure to find them, then your tandem is not threatened!

On other people’s advice, tips friends react less, is the way of recourse. Idealizing people fall into the trap to the evil one.

TAURUS. Curiosity, intellectual hunger, a desire to know everything, to be aware of all news is the main trigger of action. Be proactive, the key to a happy future — space information, and you will find it, if you’re not inert.

Interested in everything, learn as you go life wisdom, existence itself is a great school, enlighten the mind, enrich valuable experience. Travel, friendly chat with strangers and primarily blistes heart and soul with my friends and family. Family happiness comes first.

For other people’s benefits do not count, moderate the requests to borrow money (other than family) is contraindicated.

Now many of you are jealous “in the black”, so be careful not to become a victim of the evil eye! (especially 5-7 July)

GEMINI. Your task is to be paired with the missus, to maintain a healthy balance of interests (spiritual, material) in dealing with people. Personal desires need not be in contradiction with the possibilities. Get a “stash” and try to make an equivalent contribution to the family budget, money should not become a bone of contention with the satellite. Now there is only “ours.” Earn, will, not be lazy.

And if someone cries to the vest, seeking sympathy, poor souls enveloped in love and affection, support financially, asking nothing in return. Afterwards all back a hundredfold.

5-7 July set a spiritual shield you under the shelling of the forces of evil. What beep the inappropriate behavior of partners, employees. Avoid quarrels, findings-out of relations.

CANCERS. The system of internal self-functioning brilliantly, and here you are the boss! Break the chain complexes (they’re devastating) and become yourself, let the expressive “I” is ruled a ball. Then the energy will be multiplied and it will be plenty of openings, implementation of new ideas.

Possessing a powerful will, energy, brilliant mind, have all the chances to radically change the views of the public concerning his person and successfully present themselves in a new role. Only in the victorious March to the goal beat the pots with competitors, you need not enemies, but allies.

If the place of service is cursed by the yoke, means doing what is not your calling, violate spiritual laws, or Harbor hostility to the employer. They harm health.

5-7 July work and health will bring a lot of trouble. Listen to the Callsign of the body.

LIONS. Karmic scenarios of the past tighten their embrace, making the experience all in new ways, to eliminate the error. This time the attainment of inner spiritual purity through repentance and awareness of sin committed, continue to step on the same rake is prohibited.

Do not resist, more privacy and pray, now everything won’t happen according to your will, Lord.

The high dynamics of the business, not to sabotage the orders of the leadership, and work with maximum productivity and creative inspiration. Additional part time one of disappointment. So if it’s unloved business, left-wing orders is better not to take.

The fate of the marriage of unenviable choices, they have you on a leash, “to punish or pardon” (this year), depends on you. Rein half and don’t let it control you.

VIRGO. Sincere friendship with the people, imbued with the fraternal spirit and warm heart, royalty-free help – inexhaustible source of energy for you. Without good friends and the sun pales. Harness the pride, become true brothers to those who breathe with you one spirit.

But love on cold calculation is unacceptable, will lead to the abyss, will consume the resources of grace.

If children or favorite angry, try to set a warm intimate relationships, demanding a similar commitment. A one-sided game contraindicated.

5-7 July family problems reached a negative peak, requiring a maximum of sacrificial giving.

LIBRA. The largest and oldest business career reached its apogee. Cherish the professional reputation and in parallel take care of family well-being. Work and family were intertwined in a tangle, try everywhere. Supplier of key energy resources, source of inspiration — a job where you implement a creative vocation, able to find a common language with senior staff.

Chef for you – on the podium, ladite with him heart and soul, don’t go in matters of principle. Because of the personal risk of authoritarianism to lay a mine under career throne.

Yes, you are a charismatic person, but if from pride dizzy, emotions boil and do not care at all, any decisions taken are not together, but independently of the investigation is deplorable — affected personal life.

SCORPIONS. Your motto — justice for all! Not tricky, taking serious decisions, coordinating with the General partners interests. If there is a conflict of worldviews, to come to a common denominator, avoiding ideological manipulation to become on the path of truth, lit with kindness and love. This is the aerobatics of a fighter for the truth, and you are able to stay on this spiritual path!

If the finances are tight, you have to sit on a starvation diet, suffer and do not envy the rich, this is a test of fate. In the end, on the necessary funds. Professionals poverty is not threatened (a prestigious job this year).

Alms to the needy serve, it is not only money, but a kind word, sincere compassion, mercy, service.

If my abode is boring, it is advisable to travel more, farther the better. Holiday a great time.

5-7 July not throw money and beware of thieves.

ARCHERS. How to harmonize the earthly and the spiritual? Distortions of proprietary interests as a dissolute lust of the flesh is unacceptable, because can push the path of blackmail. “Take-give” must obey the higher law of justice.

Take care of marital bliss and it is based on the equivalent vzaimozachet on all plans (and sex too) , there’s no room for selfishness.

At work, not to harm, follow the Golden rule: friendship is friendship, and service service.

July 5-7 resist the wiles of the evil one who is trying to use you, in order to introduce people astray.

CAPRICORNS. Your business card in society are blessed. Take the example of the strong-willed energetic partners, after all, their lives you assigned day, place and neglect of the satellites is a sacrilege. Without a true strong you half — bird with one wing. However, a cautionary proverb: “what was such and met” has not been canceled, so the one who will be a pair, and will reflect the state of your spiritual maturity. And do not dare to try on or wear someone else’s boots!

To be healthy, know the measure of charity, to infringe is not. But do not try to parasitize on other people’s resources, pretending to be unhappy.

Illnesses are of a psychosomatic nature.

AQUARIANS. To achieve this goal you have to spend a total mobilization of all layers of the creative “I” that will promote lightning-quick organization on the service front, where all the boils work the sea. As a specialist you are perfect, indispensable and in demand. The main thing — objectively evaluate all opportunities to preserve dignity, not to crawl before the authorities, and on the conscience to serve and to earn money.

Equivalent to nested should be paid accordingly. And don’t let burden yourself with someone else’s work. Every cricket stick to his last!

To command others banned this year.

FISH. Forget about the gray everyday life, depress an idle spirit. Now life is bright romantic show, where the theatrical aspect of the love game is part of your passionate nature, a way of pumping life energy from Space.

Flirt, care for, love with all your heart to others. You have magical effect on the opposite sex, able to give odds to opponents, becoming a consummate friends and lovers at the same time.

The main thing — not to sit in other people’s sledges, and to bring happiness to those whom destiny has sent. If you are applying for more than he deserved, or blatantly trying to take negadanno you, this is a mistake — it should be the opposite.

July 5-7 — crisis days, refrain from rash steps.