American beats the shit out of Putin’s friend

And now Emelianenko! A few hours after the elimination of the Russian national team from the tournament of the confederations Cup as the strongest man in Russia was knocked out. Famous fighter of the mixed style Fedor Emelyanenko was crushed by American Matt Mitrione (Matt Mitrione) in the arena “Madison Square garden” in new York.
Russian sports world froze in shock. The whole week before the beginning of the game went advertising the upcoming battle for TV shows full-length documentaries about the life and fights of the Russian master of sports. And then there’s that.

Buddy of Putin, who have worked as adviser to the Ministry of sport, member of the presidential party “United Russia”, one of the most highly promotional pieces in the country, he was the face of the advertising campaign of light-duty trucks by the German automaker Mercedes in the Russian market, and now is one of the many losers in Russian sports.

Well, a man 40 years old, his best days are behind me, and he may not take revenge, which he begged after his defeat. But what else can he do but become a Russian hero. He no longer can. In this role, he became a symbol of the Russian peasant, the Russian knight, on whose neck hangs a large cross when he enters the ring. And now the knight is defeated. The image of the Russian peasant suffered.

It is a sport, a this bad, outdated image of a man male. Russian provincial politician Ernest Makarenko is, as in any case should not look like a man. In any case, he knows exactly how he should look — like Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo). After the defeat of the national team in the match against Portugal he wrote on Twitter that he knows Ronaldo is gay, and therefore should be excluded from the tournament.

The next challenge is Alexander Povetkin

In the end, he gathered the negative comments and after some time deleted the account on Twitter. Although this man, who is also a member of Putin’s party, as well as otherwise, and is a minor provincial politician, these ridiculous Twitter still say something about the mood in the country.

And maybe this tweet gives a Frank partial explanation for why national coach Stanislav Cherchesov came under a hail of criticism after he posed for photos with Ronaldo.

It is not surprising that Russian striker Fedor Smolov was especially pleased when the head of the RFU and Deputy Prime Minister, Vitaly Mutko called him a “real man” with which to build the future of football in Russia. And Russia would not surprise anyone if the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev, this well-known southpaw liberal democratic party of his father Vladimir Zhirinovsky, really be slapped a hefty slap to the midfielder Yuri Zhirkov.

After the match he demanded “give a face” to the player who was removed during a match against Mexico, and therefore carries much of the blame for the elimination of the Russian team.

Maybe “smashing muzzle” will Alexander Povetkin at the weekend. He was the world champion on Boxing in heavy weight and a real sporting man, until shortly before the world Cup in Boxing has not been proven use of doping drug Meldonium. He was suspended by the world Boxing organization, but world Boxing Council allowed him into the ring. Across Moscow posters with announcements of the fight with the Ukrainian Rudenko. 37-year-old man will fight for the honor of sporting the nation of Russia and for his honor as a man.