How to use coffee grounds: the TOP 10 useful ways

Coffee is loved by many and that it can be used not only as beverage, but also as a useful Supplement to many of the tools to care for themselves, they do not know everything.

In addition, Khana grounds will be a great tool for everyday use. How exactly to use it, knows Home.

No. 1

To eliminate the unpleasant smell in the refrigerator, many of the known method with baking soda: pour it on a saucer and put in a couple of days. Coffee grounds work just as well.

No. 2

Coffee grounds is a good abrasive, and if you need to quickly clean, for example, burnt the pan, just add to the sponge the coffee grounds and RUB the surface. Sink, stove and even a toilet seat can also be cleaned by adding coffee.

No. 3

Hands will smell of onions or garlic, if you wash them using coffee grounds as a scrub. So you can store a small jar with coffee grounds next to the kitchen sink.

By the way: the same grounds is possible from time to time to drain in the sink to prevent blockage. Add a few drops of dishwashing detergent under running hot water (or boiling water) and coffee grounds. It will help to clear fatty plaque from the walls of drain pipes.

No. 4

Coffee grounds is a good fertilizer for plants which like acidic soil. So safely add to flower pots and spring – in the garden.
By the way: Coffee grounds are particularly useful for carrots and radishes. Planting seeds in the soil, just mix them together.

No. 5

If you want your hair to Shine – brew your coffee as usual, when you take it. Let cool to room temperature and rinse their hair after washing. Do not rinse for 15-20 minutes and then rinse under the shower. (Coffee is not suitable for use on light and painted in light shades of hair).

No. 6

Many people like to use coffee grounds in the baths instead of a body scrub. But there is a more refined scrub, which can be used not only in the bath, but also at home.
Mix coffee grounds with sea salt, add coconut oil and coffee grounds and place in a glass jar.

Proportions: 1/2 Cup of coffee grounds you will need 2 cups of sea salt and 1/2 Cup of coconut oil.

No. 7

Coffee grounds used for coloring Easter eggs. To get a gentle, coffee shade, you need to place the egg in the hot coffee.

No. 8

If you put the thick cotton pad and leave on for 10 minutes, it will help remove puffiness and remove dark circles. It will invigorate the skin under the eyes as well as you in the morning.

No. 9

If the walkways or steps of a house formed frost, sprinkle instead of sand, coffee grounds. It turns out that it works fine.

No. 10

To make an aromatic pillow for Cabinet, soft toy or a pincushion, you can also use coffee grounds as a filler.

Tip: to thoroughly dried coffee grounds, place it on a tray and put in the freezer for a couple of hours.