Beautiful protection

Challenges to the concept of “One belt and One road” are mainly lie in information and political, and even economic sphere, as a purely technical difficulties, anyway, can be overcome. Even the Chinese leadership has repeatedly had to refute rumors and speculation regarding the “true” goals of the project, which Beijing reportedly plans to spread its influence far beyond its limits.

Partners in the implementation of the “belt” and not just one China, promptly deny these allegations, with specific evidence on hand. Forums of international cooperation “One belt and One road”, which explores the practical benefits for more than a hundred countries and organizations that speak for themselves. Because all the current issues and omissions and should be taken exactly during the working discussions.

Thus, the rise of the economy and the welfare of citizens, not in words but in deeds, in those countries that were involved in the project, is a reliable guarantee forward movement. Against the background of crisis phenomena in many of these countries, such a rise is the best advertising. However, few know about it, we must speak broadly and without any constraint, finding more and more interesting and contemporary forms of presentation.

The problem is that everything associated with the economy and international cooperation, we are often described as bureaucratic, formal, bureaucratic language, which does not reach consciousness of millions of citizens.

Therefore, a practical response to any attacks against the Eurasian continental integration should be double “counter-attack”: 1) the actual growth of living standards of the countries participating in the project and 2) wide promotion of the project using simple human language, understandable to everyone. That is, even the defense here should be not only smart, but also beautiful, attractive. At the time, the Soviet Union was such a popular film “the battle of the way”. Today we fight on our new path, of course, not necessary, but to establish the maximum level of security of the project, of course, necessary.

As an expert I also believe that the necessary series of special programs on television and radio of those countries that are already in the “one zone”, including programs and talk shows for the new generations, done in a lively, interesting style. These broadcasts with interest have looked in Kazakhstan, and in Kyrgyzstan and in Russia, as it would be a new and unusual phenomenon in the conventional information flow.

By the way, China could share the technology information promote the product, as we often see that even the serious political topics are sometimes presented by Chinese experts in the form of great animation. Where for a minute or two in simple words it tells about something big, serious and, in fact, very complex.

There are other challenges to the “One belt One road”. This so-called alternative projects generated by extra-regional power centers in Europe and Asia, by which, through political methods, far from the rules of economic competition is trying to monopolize our territory, communications, markets. Some of these projects die off themselves (as, for example, the TRANS-Pacific partnership), but instead always appears something new, the same, are not always clear. It is not surprising that this side pressure is available to the “One belt One road”, which is based on a voluntary basis and principles of interaction.

The quality of any product is forged only through overcoming. Even a book this is: “How the steel was tempered”. It has come to our transcontinental project, if he expects not to dull market conditions and long-term, mutually beneficial and bright future.