The conquest of the East: Moscow supports 100 thousand new farmers

In Russia began fleeing to the far East. Vladimir Putin has decided to provide free of charge to any citizen of Russia, who submitted an application, with a plot size of one hectare in the sparsely populated regions of the Russian Far East. The ground must be used. You can’t sell it or rent it in the first five years. After almost a year since the launch of this initiative in June 2016 it can be considered quite successful — at least according to statistics. At the moment submitted almost 100 thousand applications, and 26650 plots already handed over to new settlers. The project — the most diverse purposes — from the development of agriculture and tourism to strengthen economic relations with China, Russia in this Eurasian giant, to the modernization of the most remote areas, to enable them to attract investment. However, in order to do that, as well aware of the Kremlin, it is necessary to increase the number of Russians living in the most remote areas of Russia. And this is the main purpose of the program.

This program addresses the Yakutia, Kamchatka Peninsula, Chukotka, Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, Amur oblast and Magadan, Sakhalin and Jewish Autonomous oblast. It is a vast territory — a third of all Russia. Live here less than 6.2 million people, i.e. only 4.2% of the population of the largest country in the world. It is very small. Especially when you think that one is the Chinese province of Heilongjiang bordering Russia, has a population of 38 million inhabitants. Therefore, the Ministry of Far East development has instructed a rather difficult task: to increase the population of these lands up to 7 million people by 2030. Some are more optimistic. For example, the Deputy Minister for development of the Far East, Arthur Niyazmatov believes that by this time the number of inhabitants could reach a rate of 8.5 million.


There has not been enough time to understand, will reach Putin’s goal. To succeed in this enterprise, as we say media, has hired Steven Seagal (Steven Seagal). Hollywood actor, has never hidden his sympathy for “the king”, had become the hero of the reality show about how to obtain and use a hectare of land granted by the government. He was supposed to build a sports complex, say the producers of the program. However, we received a denial of all these rumors.

Probably, the Kremlin will have to invent some other marketing campaign. Almost 80% of requests come from those who have lived in the far East of Russia is quite a significant proportion, however, until February, the request for the land could be submitted only by the inhabitants of the Eastern territories of the country. From other regions of Russia received 22 thousands of requests: among them, the leader of Moscow with 3 thousands of applications and St Petersburg with one thousand. From the city on the Neva came, for example, the Yuri God — Cossack, which brought together a group of 120 “immigrants” in Primorsky Krai. “I will till the ground, build different plantations, to build homes,” he passionately tells us by phone.

However, to build their future in the East of Russia is not so simple. Wishing to move here risk here to bury your dreams because the area to be allocated automatically with the help of Internet, you may be swampy or too isolated. Moreover, those who want to build houses and hotels, cannot do this because of the lack of basic infrastructure — roads, water, sewer, power lines.

Despite the difficult demographic situation in Moscow does not intend to give any hectare of their land to people who are not citizens of Russia. Foreigners can rent the land as it has been successfully doing Asian entrepreneurs — especially the Chinese who rent the Kremlin about 600 thousand hectares of land.

The impression is that Moscow and Beijing are all better in international Affairs and want to make more mutually beneficial agreements. Their shared interests range from “New silk road” project promoted by the China — to the Eurasian economic Union, which insists Russia, and the pipeline “Power of Siberia”, which should soon supply China with 38 billion cubic meters of gas per year. There is therefore nothing strange in the fact that some analysts see the project to development of the Eastern regions also the strategy of Moscow’s isolation from Europe, with whom relations have strongly deteriorated after the crisis in Ukraine, and further rapprochement with Beijing.