The Seimas of Lithuania is seeking recognition of the Communist party of Lithuania criminal organization

The activities of the Communist party of Lithuania (CPL) in the years of Soviet occupation had signs of criminal activity, so the government must draft a law that recognizes KPL criminal organization, said the resolution of Lithuania.

For the resolution on Tuesday voted 53 members of the diet were against, one abstained 24.

“In the activities of a unit of the Communist party in Lithuania — KPL likely there are signs of criminal activity, the organization and execution through subordinates repressive structures of crimes against the residents of Lithuania — genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes,” reads the document. The document contains a call for the government “as soon as possible to prepare the Law of the Republic of Lithuania, which recognizes the CPL is criminal.”

“(…) in this resolution solves the problem assessment of the criminal activities of the CPL as a legal entity, and the question of criminal responsibility of specific individuals who committed the crimes of the occupation regime or participating in them, is solved by the legislation currently in force, implementing criminal responsibility”, — said in a resolution.