Battle under water: how and what Ukraine can respond to the total underwater control of Russia in the Black sea (Defense Express, Ukraine)

Focus military-political leadership of Ukraine on the land segment has led to the fact that the marine area are not neglected. As a result, the issues of effective control of surface and underwater conditions under the constant threat of further Russian aggression every day are becoming increasingly important and require quick decisions.

Of the Russian Federation secretly creates a new threat “from the water”, is preparing an underwater base for total control over the Black sea. Is developing a layered system of surface and underwater lighting environment with the development and introduction of new sonar systems. This threat requires attention, analysis, insights and reactions from the Ukraine. But what is it?

A lack of ability and desire

Ukrainian Navy after the loss in the spring of 2014 is in a constant state of stagnation — the ship’s structure is reduced to a minimum; all the bases are within the reach of aviation and rocket systems of the dominant forces of the enemy; the issue of replenishment of the ship’s structure solved slowly and haphazardly, and besides, you never know, the solution to which missions and in which the waters of the Black or Azov seas.

Meanwhile, the question of countering the forces of the enemy on the seas has not been removed from the agenda. Over the last few years the Russian black sea fleet has significantly increased its capacities in Azov-black sea region.

Its advantage is in the guided missile weapons of sea, air and land-based allows it to hit sea and land targets throughout the territory of Ukraine without entering the zone of destruction of firepower of the Armed forces of Ukraine, and to easily maneuver forces and fire with the ability to increase our efforts in certain directions.

Along with this, the black sea fleet in the framework of the preparatory action for Ukraine against military operation able to provide sealift DRG and conducting the amphibious landing on the coast of mainland Ukraine after drawing enemy missile attacks on important facilities of the Ukrainian Armed forces and critical infrastructure.

All this determines the importance of ensuring the timely disclosure of the intentions and actions of the enemy by creating in the interests not even of the Ukrainian Navy, and all concerned agencies of the unified interagency system of monitoring air, surface and underwater environment in the marine area.

In the country the question of the development of a modern system of control of surface and underwater environment in the Black and Azov seas, as well as the basins of the rivers Dnepr and Danube rises for many years.