The cause of the obesity epidemic was house dust – scientists

House dust makes us sneeze, it is irritating to eyes and seriously affect health, the study showed scientists from the Nicholas School of the Environment in the United States, according

Scientists have linked house dust and the disorders of the metabolic system, which lead to the accumulation of fat cells. Violators of the processes in the metabolic system, often become all kinds of chemical substances contained in household items and food packaging, including refractory materials and pesticides. They get into house dust, and then fall into the human body along with the air. At first, the researchers assessed the dust samples for concentrations of different pollutants. Then they examined the impact of these substances on mice, when measured the size of fat cells and the total number of fat cells exposed to these substances from dust. It turned out that fat cells-the precursors responsible for the replenishment of populations of fat cells develop even after exposure to low-level chemicals. Fat cells-precursors can occur after chemicals that affect the endocrine system and disrupt the normal development of lipid metabolism.


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Note that all these findings were made in mice, not people. However, disruption of metabolic systems have been reported in many people, and science is still looking for reasons for the constant growth of their number. According to experts, children consume up to 50 mg of household dust every day, and it is possible that this is another reason for the epidemic of childhood obesity in the developed world.