Turchynov: All attempts of the Russian neoimperial to stop us is doomed

Secretary of the national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov congratulated the Ukrainians on Constitution Day. It is reported on the website of the NSDC.

He recalled that in the basic law, adopted more than 20 years ago, clearly stipulates that Ukraine is a unitary, sovereign, independent, democratic, social, constitutional state – an equal member of the world community.

“That is the state we are building! And all attempts of the Russian neoimperial military action, terrorist attacks, cyber attacks or other aggressive actions to stop us on this path is doomed! Today, only a strong national government able to ensure the protection and development of Ukraine. The basis of this state should be the law one for all without exceptions and limitations. Equality of rights, equality of responsibilities, equality of responsibility for their own country. That is what we stood on the Maidan, that is what give life the best Ukrainians! Crumble like sand castles, the Empire will disappear notorious dictators, but Ukraine was, is and will be! With a holiday! Glory To Ukraine!”, the message reads Turchinov.