Deputies rewrote the law on pension reform: major changes

Until the end of September the deputies promise to take in General, the law on pension reform proposed by the Cabinet and adopted in the first reading on July 13. Time — October 1, should already start paying updated (increased with the increase of wages) pensions.

According to experts, votes in Parliament are, but what changes will be in the end, it is not yet clear, as the parliamentarians made a number of important people’s edits has already been approved by the relevant Committee of Parliament. Recall that the next week the deputies of the workers and the meeting hall will be held from 18 to 22 September. “Today” has found how a new way rewrote the law.

ADD. As the head of Committee on social policy, employment and pentobarbitone BP Lyudmila Denisova, all were considered 2144 amendments, most of which the Committee rejected.

“In the end, the document with the revisions recommended for adoption in the second reading and as a whole”, — said Denisov. The main approved by the Committee edit — with effect from 1 January 2019 the second level of pansystem is a personal cumulative pescata for workers under 35 years of age. Approved and the proposal to allow retirement at any age those who worked for 40 years — we are talking about a calendar, not a favorable experience, as, for example, for work in hospital intensive care. But this rule propose to implement only in 2028.

In addition, the deputies proposed to include in the seniority work self-employed in 1998-2000, when there was no Single register of payers of insurance contributions to the pension Fund (added July 2000). To confirm the experience, will be sufficient evidence of the private entrepreneur.

REMOVE. The Committee did not support the proposal of the Cabinet not to take into account the labour (insurance) experience and the time spent in maternity leave (3 years per child), military service in the army and to take away additional payments to the pensions of Chernobyl victims living in the territory of enhanced radiological control (4 category).

Also take into account the amendment concerning the prohibition of disabled old-age pensioners to receive additional payments from the social Fund for disability. According to MP Oleksandra Kuzhel, who proposed the amendment, the Cabinet in his bill, put them before a choice: to receive a retirement pension or social benefits. The Committee recognized that it would be unfair, as the employee paid deductions from salaries to the two funds — the Pension and insurance against accidents.

EXPERTS: THE MAIN THING – FINANCE. Professionals benzodioxan different criteria to the proposals of the MPs. The introduction of a funded peschlow support all, arguing that it would make the project of the Cabinet of truly reformist. But the head of the public Council under the Pension Fund Marianna Onufryk said that the inclusion in the length of time of stay of the decree on military service it is necessary that the state, not the PF has found funding sources for payment, as in these years a future pensioner did not pay insurance contributions to the PF. At the same time, she acknowledges that the exclusion of time spent in the decree of seniority will hurt fertility.

The independent expert, former Deputy head PF Viktor Kolbun notes that the right to retire after 40 years of work is a strong incentive for future generations to work officially, but not in the shade: “Those who have a great official experience of the Soviet era, will have time by this time (2028) to retire and for the young it’s “candy”.

But a pension expert Galina Tretyakov rather on the side of the government, as it believes that populist decisions when calculating pensions is misplaced: “My position is to accrue pension only for the years of contributions to the Pensfond. This is the principle of justice, which declares the government. At the same time, the government must protect the minimum amount of persons who are unable to support themselves in old age and have no pension rights. But not at the expense of Pensfond, but at the expense of the state budget”.