Hungry Russia will change Crimea for food

Exhausted the economic sanctions Russia will be forced to exchange annexed Crimea on the food, as at the time the Soviet Union lost of the GDR by West Germany. This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian journalist Larisa Voloshina.

According to her, Russian President Vladimir Putin miscalculated when he thought that the international community will accept the attempt of the Kremlin to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The journalist stressed that in the 21st century the situation is completely different from the one that was after the Second World war, when Stalin’s Soviet Union took part in the world section.

“Putin has exaggerated its capabilities. There is a Russian proverb “not just now, what now”. The world does not recognize the occupation,” — said Voloshin. She noted that the military means the Crimea nobody will release. However, Russia will remain under the yoke of sanctions.

“Russia today is in such condition that it will continue to deteriorate. And Russia is not the Soviet Union. The USSR was self-sufficient from the point of view of the economy. It was a closed economy, which itself provides. Russia is not able to provide anything,” explained the journalist.

“According to the economic indicators of the Russian Federation they have 75% destruction of infrastructure. I want to remind you that 75% in Europe — the consequences of the Second World war In Russia… disappear the city… They can not cope in isolation, unable to cope without the world. Therefore, the RF will be degraded, the money will be less. Sooner or later they will change Crimea for food, both in the Soviet Union during the Gorbachev exchanged for food in East Germany,” — said Voloshin.

Voloshin also said that after the annexation of the Crimea Russia “put in place” all the inhabitants of the occupied Ukrainian Peninsula. Part of the local population have accepted the new reality under occupation. “In Crimea put in place everyone,” she said. According to Voloshin, this fate is not passed and those who rejoiced at the arrival of the Russian invaders. In 2014, she said, Russian community of Crimea staged rallies — the people were dissatisfied with how their lives changed after the arrival of the Russian Federation. “They shouted at police: “You Russians, and we’re Russian.” Ambition they wanted to show,” — said Voloshin.

She noted that Russian riot police brutally dispersed the protest action of the Crimean people who did not agree with the fact that after the “referendum” tougher business conditions, limited rights and freedoms of citizens. “Russia is very quickly put them all in place. The Russian Federation is the Empire, where the citizen may not be his will and opinions. And we see how Crimeans resigned,” — said Voloshin. However, she noted that under occupation the residents of Crimea changed consciousness.