Odessa – 2017. Usage instructions

Choose a place to sleep

Economy hotels and hostels. They abound in Odessa – check this by looking in the Internet. But remember that options such as “knight”, “Zirka” or “Tokyo-star”, have a fairly modest interior. However, such offers will suit those who wish to save

  • Apartment for rent. This is probably the best option for travelers who appreciate comfort at a reasonable price. Depending on your budget apartment can cost from 200 to several thousand hryvnia. Focus on the location, square footage, availability of repair and equipment. To look for deals is easy: use the on-line services with direct owners contact, for example, Odesa.oneday.ua. By the way, Oneday, you can choose apartments not only in Odessa but also in Kharkov, at the link here.
  • Lovers of the luxury life, you may want to stay in a hotel of elite class on the beach. Among such sites can be identified Palace del Mare, “Gagarin”, “Nemo”, “Bristol” and “Portofino”. But beware: the prices are in the range of 3000 – 7500 UAH per night.

Looking for places with delicious food

A tasty meal Odessans love and know, therefore, institutions with appetizing cuisine abound here. For inexpensive and tasty food go to the “Kompot” cafes of this chain are virtually all over Odessa, from the railway station to the city centre.

If your goal is holiday anywhere, on the street, pay attention to Outback Steakhouse for a romantic dinner by the sea go to the “Candle” or “Fish.”

It is likely that you can’t wait to get acquainted with Odessa cuisine. No problem: then you should go to “eggnog” or cafe “Dacha”.

And again. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the flavor of Odessa where you can taste local dishes at the legendary “Privoz”.

Choose the best Odessa beach

  • “Arcadia”. This place is the most popular and rated right here – not just a few favourite beaches, but also a huge number of night clubs. However, of the downsides of this place is crowded.
  • “Langeron”. This beach is as close to the center, for which he earned the love of locals, and tourists. Next to a popular hotel “Nemo” Dolphinarium and a large Park.
  • “Dolphin”, “Dog”, “Chkalovskaya”. If you want to relax near the centre, but not on zoogenic tourists beaches – visit these places.
  • “Gold coast”. The beach at 16 station of Big Fountain – a place far from the city center, where there is a high probability a relaxing holiday.
  • “Luzanovka”. This beach is ideal for tourists who are in search of economy housing settled in a residential area.

Looking for space for entertaining

Of course, hot and bright South Palmyra can boast of a night life. If your main goal is to visit local clubs, feel free to go to Arcadia – the heart of night life of the city. “Itaka”, “Ibiza”, “Paradise”, Western, Bono is only the beginning of a huge list.

If you do not plan to “hang out” in Arcadia, notice the “palladium” is the most popular club near the very center. Also for club VIP-the rest is perfect located in the center of the Ministerium.

To fully taste the atmosphere of Odessa, have fun not only in the clubs. Visit the local festivals, fairs, evening stroll through the downtown and feel like South Palmyra will forever remain in your heart.