The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has sent a protest note to Russia over the Kerch Strait

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has sent Russia a note of protest to the introduction of Russia’s ban of navigation through the Kerch Strait.

“Ukraine’s foreign Ministry expresses protest in connection with the introduction of the Russian Federation of the prohibition of navigation through the Kerch Strait during August and September, 2017 associated with the construction of the bridge, and once again emphasizes the wrongfulness of such actions. The construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait is illegal under international law, because Ukraine, as a coastal state in relation to the Crimean Peninsula, did not provide consent to such construction”, – reads the statement of the MFA of Ukraine.


  • Ukraine prepares lawsuit against Russia in connection with the loss of the ports of the Kerch bridge

Also in the statement of the Ministry States that the introduction of the Russian Federation unilaterally, restrictions on Maritime traffic through the Strait of Kerch “is another grossly neglected by the Russian Federation of the norms of international law.”

Recall that due to construction works on 9 August, Russia banned the movement of all ships in the Kerch Strait, with the exception of military vessels of local and Federal security agencies.