Alexander Prokhanov: we persuaded Putin

Visit to Azerbaijan of the Russian writer and prominent public and political figure of Russia Alexander Prokhanov continues. During his visit and meetings with the leadership of Azerbaijan, a famous writer made loud statements and interviews to support the fair position of our country in the Karabakh settlement.

Prokhanov is an iconic figure in today’s Russia. Writer and ideologue expresses the mindset of most part of the Russian elite and supporters uvarovskiy forms of statehood.

Of the current intellectual elite of Russia, Prokhanov, perhaps one of the most popular social ideologues. Despite his age, and Prokhanov almost 80 years, the writer is constantly on the move and leads the rapid and vigorous political activities.

Recently, at the invitation of Putin, he was part of the government delegation to the St Petersburg economic form. Then the show in Kazan. He waited, and Russian military personnel in Syria. He was waiting around to hear about a new historical choice of Russia, its role and purpose for the new world. But Prokhanov break out of this daily routine to come to Azerbaijan and Express its solidarity with the friendly Azerbaijani people.

“I was synthesized in vitro. For synthesizing source material was used the seeds of the bamboo, coconut milk and a few pieces of eggs of the swallows. All this was placed in a saline solution, suspended, sent into orbit in space, where I got cosmic radiation. And came back now the way you see me” — in an interview with made a joke writer.

Someone thinks Alexander Prokhanov kind of national-Bolshevik, than the Russian worker strongly disagree. “National-Bolshevik is, for example, Eduard Limonov (recently caught in a “black list” of Azerbaijani foreign Ministry — approx. ed.). So let’s leave the national Bolsheviks alone and we will not disturb their ashes. I absolutely different class. I, if I may say so — Russian imperialists, statists. A strong supporter of a powerful, multinational Russian state. Whether it’s the state of the Romanov dynasty, the Soviet, or Putin. It is important for me to be saved were great space, a great Symphony of peoples, cultures and religions. I — is this. And my mission has always been like this. In the Soviet period and the period of the Holocaust, and after the Soviet Union”, — said the source.

According to him, inasmuch as the Russian government “began to change the skin”, it has a new, Putin’s tendencies, his attitude to the authorities gradually changed: “I, Prokhanov, lonely man, the Russian state — we met and finally met. And now I believe that we are together. I’m not varied, and the state has changed”.

As for President Vladimir Putin, according to the writer, in the beginning he was in a confrontation with him. “He was in the role of collector of the state gradually,” said the Russian analyst.

Prokhanov said that after 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, the liberals dominated in all spheres of Russian life: “It was a time when Russia actually had their own state, we were under external management. He commanded us States via his emissaries. Russia did not have an independent foreign and domestic policy. For me personally it was the worst time when I was surrounded by enemies. They were left, right, bottom, top. And I even at some point ceased to believe in the possibility of rebirth. And then gradually, after the arrival of Putin, began to show the underlying trends of Russian history. While the latest collapse was the rise of a new state”.

According to Prokhanov, this process was reflected in the ousting of the liberals. “They reluctantly, with difficulty, left their familiar branches. I — statist, and I know the mystique of the Russian state. Russia is not simply the handiwork of people. On the contrary, the people who inhabit Russia, and Putin is the handiwork of the Russian state, which through the asphalt, concrete, this radioactive ash has become manifest as the stem. So liberals are now, albeit with difficulty, but leave. Foreign policy is almost not them, as the ideology and cultural policy. But the economy is still in their hands. But we pressed, and in this sense my life easier and easier. Around, more and more people close to me. I feel like Putin my ally, the spiritual and political”, — said Prohanov.

According to the writer, he has his own sense of homeland. “I believe that the Russian mission in all ages has been the same. Russian suffered what I call the “Russian dream”: the magic folk tale, our Orthodox religious thinkers, Russian cosmist (philosophical current — approx. ed.). All this carried one idea of divine justice. Russia just because it exists, that professes this creed.”

“That is why Russia is a kind of reproach to the Western world. And the West wants Russia ceased to preach this creed, divine justice — said Prohanov. — Every time Russia takes the blow, turning darkness into light. And this is its mission. In all periods of its history, even in the most brutal and totalitarian, the idea of justice was in the minds of the best Russian people”.

“You know what the higher justice?— asked the writer and he replied. Is — immortality. Death is the most terrible injustice. Here we live, raise children, like women, build houses, write books. And suddenly we are removed from this world. This is monstrous! That Russian cosmist hoped for immortality, for heaven, where no sickness, sorrow, and the fact that you can create it here on Earth. This is a huge Russian idea, albeit impossible. Maybe doable. It is necessary to pose the problem, but we’ll see.”

Returning to President Vladimir Putin, Prokhanov said that Putin came to power was not just the ruins. “It was anti-world environment dominated by demons. It took him enormous time and patience in order to Express their will, their concept. Apparently, Putin announced his intention to go back to the presidential election. And the slogan with which he will go to them is “Justice”. This is what we in our newspaper 10 years said, waiting for manifestalnoe speech, when Putin has to say about justice. It happened.”

The source noted that the appearance of Russian bombers in Syria is a manifestation of justice.

“Russia wishes the salvation of not only herself, but also around the world. How can you be saved and feel his grace, if round and round you unhappiness? So the Putin era, in my opinion is the idea of promoting justice. And harmony of all living in the Russian people is connected with Putin’s ideology.”

According to Prokhanov in Russia there is a threat of the “orange” revolution. “But when she broke out on Bolotnaya square in Moscow, when the liberals increased their crowd to hundreds of thousands, we came to the Poklonnaya hill. To us people it’s much more than a Swamp. We broke their energy resistance. Putin today for the huge support and the liberals, national traitors — they will lose. The wind of history is blowing in our sails,” said the source.

But do not end the “Putin era” with the departure of Putin? Prokhanov is sure: No! “As I said, not Putin is building the Russian state and the Russian state Putin is building. He leaves, but the state will remain. The state will look for the nest, where it will “lay their eggs”. He searched the nest at the end of the reign of Boris Yeltsin. Many wanted to become his successor. It and Boris Nemtsov, Aksenenko, Stepashin. History seems to have accustomed to these people. But chose Putin. So the story will not hold”

Putin, according to Prokhanov, were several stages of self-awareness: “In the beginning, Putin believed that he is a top Manager and needs to fix the difficult situation in which the country finds itself, to serve, earn and leave. Then, at the end of the second term, we, the people urged him to remain for a third term, not to quit, not to give power to Medvedev. Wrote a sharp article. Frightened Putin what he’ll end up there, somewhere in the Hague. But he said he was dead tired from the authorities that he was “a galley slave”. To drag Russia in all these potholes, the sand… All these wars, terrorist attacks, poverty. But then, when he again came to power after Medvedev, I asked him the question: Mr Putin, what would be a “project Russia”?. He said: “Russia is not a project, and destiny.” That is, he identified himself with the fate of Russia. And he is not a Manager, not a slave in the galleys”.

Putin, says Prokhanov, went to the old men, went to mount Athos (the Holy mountain in Greece, the world’s largest concentration of Orthodox monks — approx. ed.) to find out — why is it?! “His mission is divine, not political. And Putin will remain until the end.”

As for counteraction of the West, including USA, Putin, according to the writer, is counting on a fight to fight, the Russian destiny, the will: “Putin said that Russia is invincible. He’s very strong-willed person and to be superior to all politicians in the West. Will is a great resource, along with the intellect.”

The world, according to Prokhanov, tired of liberalism. On the one hand it has Islam in its energy and Europe can’t do anything. On the other hand, we can recall the statements of Putin, who spoke for the so-called conservative values that are important to the Orthodox, Catholics, Muslims, Orthodox Jews. “Essentially, he acted as defender of all mankind. Gay marriage, permissiveness, ripping taboos, trust in instincts, sodomy. He’s against it because he was loved everywhere.”

And whether Putin has a sufficient number of “fighters” for your team? “Well, you see me, so why ask?”, — said Prohanov.

Expressed the Russian writer and his attitude to the last General Secretary of USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. Answering the question “what, in your opinion, was Gorbachev? A traitor, a coward, a fool?”, Prokhanov answered with a question: “what’s the Azerbaijani word sounds “…a minute”?”.

In the end, the writer compared the Ukraine and Azerbaijan. “What is happening in Ukraine is a consequence of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Such surprises may be in other regions. But there is a wonderful example of Azerbaijan, when cultivated country, the state, not due to the fact that other Nations are suppressed. And in this contrast to Ukraine, where they say: Ukraine for Ukrainians, forbid Russian language. This is a wild strain, they destroy themselves. We are a peoples of common destiny, living in the Eurasian Cup. We have always had a huge community, Empire: Genghis Khan, Batu, the Romanovs, the USSR. This mysterious Eurasian gravity will ensure the unity”, — said Prohanov.