In Ukraine, the demand for commercial vehicles

The January market for new commercial vehicles grew by 74% relative to last year, according to the Association “Ukrautoprom”. Last month in the automotive market of Ukraine has registered 784 sales of new trucks and special vehicles.

Leader of the month was the brand Renault with a sales volume of 179 vehicles. Compared to January 2016, the demand for new commercial vehicles the Renault brand grew by almost 2.4 times.

In second place, just two car manufacturers: the Italian Fiat and the Russian GAS for 88 cars sold each. While sales of cars of the brand Fiat grew by 66% compared to last January, and the GAS added 11 percent.

Third place went to Ford, January’s sales jumped 4.5% to 81 car.

Volkswagen took fourth place with 67 sold units (+67%).

And closes the TOP 5 of the January market for new commercial vehicles of the Belarusian MAZ, 61 car which has received in the past month, the Ukrainian residence.