A house by the sea: the landlords make a fool of tourists in Ukraine

The Ukrainians are planning a trip to the sea, often prefer renting housing from private landlords. It’s cheaper and often more comfortable than living in a hotel. But among the ads for the rental of such housing across the offers of the scammers. OLX experts advise how to calculate an unscrupulous landlord.

Know who you are dealing with

The apartment (and any other) scammers will try by all means to hide its name, to avoid liability in the future. It is therefore important to pay attention to the “Name” field in ad. If it is inscribed a phone number, an extremely high probability that the landlord is unfair. In General, the reluctance of a person to be in any stage of execution of agreement and payment should be alarm bells.

An additional signal is newly created profile of the author of the ad. There is a possibility that the person it was made solely to get money, and will not be used for other purposes.

Not “buy” at a low price

Too tempting price for a room or apartment is another suspicious signal. If the landlord so requests in advance (especially absolute), then this is definitely a trap.

Photography is an important tool for authentication of Declaration

By using a host in the ad photos the easiest way to check its authenticity. First of all, images should be uploaded in the field “Search by image” Google search. If this is a photo of heavily publicized on the Internet, probably the author of the ad just luring the victim of the beautiful but stolen images.

If the photos are genuine, but you have doubts, you can spend the next stage of fooproperty – ask the landlord to take pictures of a specified item in the same interior on this photo. For example, it can be (relatively) red Cup on the coffee table or a newspaper on the bed. The real property owner should have no trouble fulfilling the request. As to provide the photos shown are of the interior from different angles.

Even better ask the landlord about a video call, during which it will show the room or apartment and answer all questions. If the advertiser claims that his house is located very close to the sea, you can ask it during the interview to go out and show that the beach is really close by.
It is also important to remember that the ads with a small number of photographs (and even one) can be questioned.

Phone number – middle name of the lessor

Check through search engines is important not only photos, but also listed in the ad phone number. The number of the real man surely left a “footprint” on the Internet. In addition, if the advertiser is represented by a realtor, then his number must be bound to the messengers – WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and the like. Said professional participants of the market, it is an important tool for a person who leases property for rent. If the landlord-realtor does not use it, so, not the realtor.

The social network will tell a lot

It is difficult to find a person that does not exist in social networks. Facebook is not only a platform for personal blog, but also a convenient platform to promote their services. So you should look for the name of the person who gave the announcement in social networks. A conscientious landlord, especially if he is a realtor, the offer will probably be placed more on the personal page. In addition, if it is in communities on this subject and was active in them, then reason to doubt his honesty even less.

An important form of payment

Request for partial pre-payment of rental housing in itself is not suspicious. But if the landlord, for example, asks to transfer him the money for the phone, it is serious occasion to reflect about his integrity.

Experts the financial security is not also recommended to transfer money to e-wallets. In which case they are very difficult to track.Cash is almost impossible.

The best option – transfer to the pre-paid card. But there can be nuances. For example, recently the scammers often give their victims a card number, but do not call the name of the owner of this card and hide your name. Such proposals should not be trusted.

Test conditions of booking

Fraudsters often lure their victims by offering them additional benefits when booking accommodation. For example, you want the next month to book your accommodation on the day. Professional landlords are reluctant to agree to such a reservation in the long term it is more profitable to wait for customer who wants to rent a house for a longer period. High season from landlords rarely happen in the schedule window delivery. The same scammer is only interested in money, so he gladly confirm your booking to faster prepayment.

To check suspicious landlord can, asking someone from relatives or friends to call the alleged landlord and ask them to pass it on the same dates. The scammer’s will agree.