Yahoo Japan News (Japan): the US has approved the sale of Japan 105 F-35 with stealth technology

The U.S. approved the sale of 105 Japanese military aircraft F-35 at $ 24 billion, reported the Agency for defense cooperation, included in the structure of the U.S. Department of defense.

We are talking about 63 F-35A and 42 fighters with short takeoff /vertical takeoff F-35B. To him the United States will put in 110 Japan F135 engines, including the 5 replacement. Type F-35B important from a strategic point of view, because you’ll be able to use not only carriers but also other large surface ships.

The Japanese government has undertaken this transaction in accordance with its decision from December 2018 about replacing the fleet of F-15 to F-35. Subsequently, 105 fighters of this type will be purchased in another 42. Thus, in the future, Japan will have 147 units of new modifications.

This transaction is a second value of a one-time export deal for American weapons. The largest was made USA in 2010 to sell Saudi Arabia 84 F-15 fighters and missile systems with a total volume of 29.4 billion dollars.

The US state Department allowed the new U.S.-Japanese deal, arguing that it “promotes military and defense capabilities of Japan is an important political and military ally of America.” In addition, the U.S. Department of defense noted that “major deal for the export of American weapons helps the recovery of the U.S. economy and raise employment in terms of the impact of the pandemic coronavirus”.

Comments Japanese readers


This is very bad news for China. He will be able to oppose such combat power? The old Soviet su-27? Do not tell!


There is nothing to rejoice this event. All countries who have experienced war should fear it and not to get into a military Inferno for the second time. And Japan is no exception.


Don’t underestimate China. This country has 2.5 times more economic power than us, and its population is 10 times greater. And it will not stop in its development, including the armed forces. So China needs to be careful.


Of course, we need to strengthen Alliance relations with the United States. But not such a high price. Japan needs to develop its own defense industry. Our money should stay in our country and not to fly “the black hole” — in America.


China is growing with every goal increases. We need to think not about the acquisition of the “wonder weapons”, and on the development of the Japanese patriotism and love for their homeland, not America. Still, we all should first think about the world.


Now America decides for us what we need military aircraft and how much. When are we going to resolve such issues themselves? Japan, with its economic and technological potential should be independent in its defense.


Now China is Japan’s main threat. As soon as America withdraws from Japan, China immediately attacked us. Why still we don’t think about the possession of nuclear weapons?


Don’t forget, once the Americans didn’t want us to sell the F-22. It is necessary to hope only on themselves and to develop their own defense industry. If you honestly look at our military-political Union with the United States, it is absolutely inequitable. America always does as it is beneficial.


Japan spends a huge budget money, which are based on the taxes paid by ordinary Japanese, for the F-35 and missile defense system. Maybe it should be. But they don’t hurt help against Chinese provocations over the Senkaku Islands! If our government it always ends the “regrets” and “protests,” then why the country to carry such a crazy military spending?


Insanely expensive fighter jets, insanely expensive maintenance of American troops stationed in Japan! And it gives us a sense of security from the Chinese and Russian provocations? In connection with such an expensive transaction for U.S. aircraft of Japan it is time to think about how to increase the cost of maintaining American troops, and a decrease of 50 percent.


In recent years China and Russia have become very dangerous for Japan. And that is not very hard to believe that Americans will fight and die for the Japanese. We need to make defense of self-sufficiency against our enemies. Northern territories, the Senkaku Islands and Takeshima — we should be able to defend themselves!


All of these purchases of weapons is good. But where the Japanese diplomatic activity on the world stage? Why are we letting China and Russia “rule the roost” in the UN? We need to attract more world attention to the violent nature of these countries.


In the announced amount of the transaction does not see any tragedy. So what wrong with that great American combat aircraft will cost us $ 24 billion. But neither China nor Russia is so free to us with their aggressive hands will not last!


Against the provocations carried out by China and Russia in relation to our sea and air space, you need not only weapons. Need more effective international legal framework for countering aggressors.


$ 24 billion is not the entire amount of the transaction. How much more will be spent on spare parts, maintenance and repair of equipment, training and retraining of pilots and maintenance personnel. I think this amount should be multiplied by at least 3. So for US it is a good piece.


Great bargain! Around Japan some enemies! If you do not implement a strategy of preventive defense, there will be no end to the provocations on the part of all those of China, Russia and South Korea. The only decent neighboring state is one Taiwan!

With Japanese economic and technological power we will quickly develop an independent production of advanced weapons. Here it is only necessary to change the “peace” Constitution.