A cancer for the country

Three years after coming to power, the new leadership of the country, breaking records for the distrust. The President, Prime Minister, speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, the previous head of the Cabinet — the leader of the second political force in the coalition — or who doesn’t have the support of more than 20% of voters. In doing so, each negative attitude, more than 75 % of the respondents. According to the study, conducted over three years by order of the International Republican Institute (IRI), almost all for the last year, support fell again, although her greatest collapse occurred in 2015.

The opposition fared no better. Yulia Tymoshenko, Oleg Lyashko and Yuriy Boyko are bad more than 70 % of respondents. In General in Ukraine there is no politician at the national level, whose share trust does not lag significantly from the proportion of those who doesn’t trust him. According to the survey of GfK Ukraine, a record 65 % of respondents don’t know who would vote in the presidential elections if those were held right now. Or just would not go to them.

Total distrust of political leaders is not a feature of Ukrainians is kind of habitual Blues, or say that life today is worse than yesterday. For comparison: according to a survey of Fund Democratic ntsatsi, held in November 2002, two years before the presidential race, Viktor Yushchenko was trusted by 28 %, while did not trust only 29 %. And after the Euromaidan, the new President and the Prime Minister has been able to maintain a positive balance of trust and mistrust before the start of 2015, and leaders of the new wave Andriy Sadovy and Mikheil Saakashvili — until the end of 2015.

Popular faces on TV do not trust because they consider them totally corrupt. And in the perception of citizens the corruption of power is the cause of their poverty. In a survey of IRI over 50 % of Ukrainians are among the three most important problems of the country called the military action in Donbass and corruption in state agencies. Although the list of personal concerns of respondents the first two places are occupied economic issues: rising prices and unemployment, and corruption only on the fifth line.

Massive corruption uncovered under the new government in 2016, once again attracted the attention of citizens to the problem. And, it seems, for this reason, no economic recovery, no real wage growth in the country has led to an improvement in consumer sentiment. Now only 11-13 % of Ukrainians believe that the country is moving in the right direction. The same rate was observed in 2013 when President Yanukovych.

Reduces the willingness of Ukrainians to maintain power regardless of credibility and the decline of the significance of the conflict in the Donbass. According to surveys, the perception of its importance is constantly decreasing from spring 2015. This may explain the desperate attempts of the regime to divert the attention of citizens with corruption and economic hardships in the struggle against the external enemy. For example, the blocking of Russian websites and social networks three years after the beginning of the aggression of the Russian Federation.

Loss of trust in politicians, who came to power at the cost of human lives, reseveral citizens in the country as a whole. And this disappointment reinforces the constant attempts of power to trample in the mud, seeking re-election on the record, any noticeable opposition.

Last year the Ukrainians were 1.3 million work permits in Poland. In comparison with the previous period, this figure had doubled. Actively invite compatriots and Hungary, and Estonia. All becomes more real threat of losing not only the working class — those who no longer believe in the possibility to earn a normal life in Ukraine, but also entrepreneurs with their capital and initiative. This problem may become cancer for the country, for some time invisible, but undermine economic growth and destroy the pension system.

To stop the process can only be returned citizens ‘ confidence in the political class. And to show a willingness to break the vicious circle of corruption should go unpunished as the current government and new politicians who have the guts and talent to go to war with the system. Without this, Ukraine will face years of sluggish economy, the brain drain and weakness to new threats from the aggressor.