Horoscope for July 23-29: Taurus it’s time to invite guests and Fish should not be imposed on anyone

ARIES. Artistry, creativity, romance will transform you, live at heart and make all who had been sent by fate, happy, first of all marriage companions. They are from God. Strengthen your marriage with love, care, loyalty.

If configured to treat myself to some fun with the chic shell. Even if the money will fly away on the wind, do not worry, for the pleasure you have to pay. Over time you will gain.

Do not get hung up on difficult problems, to you now life is a spectacular show, we dance to its accompaniment, on-the-go change a “mask”, the repertoire that everyone raved about and was satisfied.

TAURUS. You are meant to twist a cosy family nest, which will be a reliable fortress and where you will feel the prestigious Queen that relatives adore. A career can wait.

Team up with family and orderly family take care of the landscaping. Do not spare the money, the house should be beautiful, elegant, in a big way. Arrange family events, invite them. Emotional passions keep under control that insure against conflicts with the missus you one. A quarrel over money is from the evil one (couldn’t take). Skillfully allocate your budget.

Vertical “parents-children”, “superior-subordinate” requires reformatting, where helpfulness, diligence, diplomacy plays a dominant role.

GEMINI. Thanks to the charm and natural talents you are subject to all the vertices. Be proactive everywhere! Communication with people of high spiritual culture, colourful, extraordinary — the procedure fun and interesting, and enriches the world. Curiosity is a fundamental source of motivation action and inspires enthusiasm, and exalt the spirit, is pushing for feats.

Stay up to date with all the news, tie interesting acquaintances, they are destined to play a pivotal role in the future.

CANCERS. Have you blossoming: the energy is off the charts, emotions boiling, “I want everything and now” rules! Live full and optimally harmonizing with the possibilities of desire. In the lucrative high-dynamics, colleagues and supporters from influential circles now “working” on your wallet and the implementation plans, so use wisely this capital.

And otzivite grain priority needs from the chaff regressive desires. Households shrouded the concern at this stage (until 10 October) family is a blessed oasis.

LIONS. The process of transition to a new stage in the evolution of running… change yourself and change the world. Bite the bit and rush forward again in time. If you capricious, which is awkward, so the world is perceived through a distorted prism of claims and censure. No one is to blame, in addition to pride, which is a parasite in the spiritual land.

Learn to accept difficult situations, an independent radical decisions and take some serious responsibility. Blame others with the hope — maybe you’re lucky— don’t!

Now we need to get rid of bad habits, all kinds of addictions, accumulated over the years to become a model of virtue to others, to preserve credibility.

VIRGO. Is working out karmic debts through the events of the past, subconscious issues “on the mountain” the information you have buried (for example, holding on to someone or hurt or love). But it’s not. In fact it should miss deliberately through the heart. So random people in your field will not be—only those who need charity, is waiting for your alms.

Humbly all think, no one is condemning, because it is necessary to first remove the plank from our own eyes, to realize the sins committed (for the year) and repent. Get rid of self-deception, delusion, and to see clearly.

Made welcome, felt relieved at heart, it means — everything is fine! Do not be stingy to those in need. Take the left and the right serve. This is the key to a happy destiny.

LIBRA. Without a harmonious ensemble, faithful friends, spiritual allies, you — as a fish out of water. Strap request high. However, to attract such a fabulous wealth of easy: like attracts like.

Work on yourself, improve yourself, then patronizing shoulder substitute those who meets personal development, with whom you can engage in productive activities.
Choose your allies and companions fate instructs you!

SCORPIONS. In his career (business) is coming to a sharp turn, pulled out on the top of the peak, which dreamed of for years. If you follow the creative call of the chosen profession corresponds to the ambition, fight for a place under the sun. Should be set high noble goal and go for it with confidence, not in the heads, and using the secret levers of influence.

Direct the main efforts to the business and don’t focus on household chores. Family hearth is lit, thanks to the huge efforts that you for the last time to have invested.

ARCHERS. Boldly go out into the public arena, promote their achievements, talents, promotion of the image go out with a Bang. Covert front being also in the active phase, however, the hidden share only with trusted individuals rely on the noble friends with whom peck of salt eaten through them, luck will come.

Be careful, now the world is teeming with temptations, if spiritually you are a warrior of light and goodness, then the provocative tricks of the evil one, who “bombed” (from 14 February to 9 November) will be like water off a duck.

Keep in mind, this is a serious test, which the forces of evil, not all will go.

CAPRICORNS. Forget about the peace and take a dip in the stream of extreme situations, where it will undergo a spiritual transformation and be reborn on a new level. Kill the selfish instincts and to sprout evolutionary virtues, creating a harmonious marital Union, is based on family ideals sexual idyll, shared material interests.

In the solution of business problems go to meet the demands of business partners for the power on their side. And restaurerede friendly relationship with spiritual allies!

AQUARIANS. You center of gravity around which a rotating galaxy. Not command avoid advertising, the power of your deep, sacred, and her humans feel. Team up with experienced business partners, hire qualified specialists. If properly defined, with whom to go further in the same work team (in fact, will attract partners and allies that match your level), then everything subsequently goes great. Despite the fact that a career (business) goes up with slip.
Married couples “reset” of relations, and the single’s going to meet a heart mate.

FISH. If you need someone — that’s fine, but in no case do not impose their services, happy to help, only when asked. This requires the equivalent of a barter cost. The victim is contraindicated, ungrateful people round.

Only this way your energy is multiplied, health improves.

If you have problems, enable creativity and enthusiasm, willing to grasp new labor obligations.

Your task is to become a generalist.