What is the main difference between man and animal: scientific answer

Animals are not able to remember a large amount of consistent information. This property is the main difference between man and other primates, by which Homo sapiens can plan their actions, to predict events and to develop a full-fledged speech in the course of growing up.

This was stated by the American scientists, together with colleagues from Sweden.

Experts analyzed data collected during the 108 experiments on birds and mammals. In some experiments, animals had to remember the order in which he lit the red and green lights. According to scientists, so the longer the combination, the more work the test subjects could distinguish them. However, animals, like people, are easily distinguished separate the signal from the other.

The researchers built a mathematical model to explain this result. It turned out that the inability of birds and mammals to recognize a number of signals related to the fact that they can’t keep the sequence of stimuli in the mind. This explains why animals, which scientists are taught human language, cannot understand the difference between such sentences as “the dog bit the woman” or “woman bitten by a dog.”

Biologists believe that in the course of human evolution our brain has adapted to remember the combination of signals that became the basis for the emergence of language, the ability to reason and to plan.