How to get back to normal everyday life after the holidays

You know the feeling of oppressive sadness, fatigue and irritability on the first working day after the holiday? Everything seems dull, the usual office chair is uncomfortable, and work it through the force. And, it would seem, after rest, especially a good, you had to get to work with new forces and ideas, but in practice it turns out otherwise. Blame the so-called postupnoy syndrome. All of it is manifested in different ways – someone is sad and can’t gather my thoughts, someone’s angry and someone even gets sick. However, working life has not been canceled, so “Today” has collected a few recommendations that will help to pass postupnoy adaptation easier.

To go on vacation right

Vacation to plan in advance. Photo:

Prepare to return from vacation it is better to start before the rest. First of all, choose the right length. So, the optimal duration of leave is two to three weeks. From this time the first few days will be spent on adaptation to the rest and some last – to re-adapt to the usual working routine. The rest of the time will be your rest. So if you take a vacation for only a week, there is a risk that you don’t rest, and will just confuse your body.

Also it is important to plan your vacation. Of course, everyone chooses for themselves how to spend it, so if you like to make repairs, to run to the doctors or to work part-time at this time, and this holiday will do you good. But if you wanted to go to the beach, go Hiking or visit all the museums in the city, and instead sit aimlessly at home, at the conclusion of the vacation you can expect disappointment.

Besides, before leaving you should try to resolve all operational issuesto the “tails” wasn’t expecting you immediately upon return. And in order to avoid Inbox littered with emails with urgent questions, set up an automatic notification with information about the reason for your absence, date of return and contact the employee who temporarily replaces you.

If you are going to go somewhere, plan it so you back home for a few days before the end of the holiday (or at least Friday, before the weekend). These days, you can relax, unpack, easy to set up to work, view work email, to outline a plan for the week and the morning of the first working day will not be for you stress.

Also during the holidays, try a little to keep the usual mode of the day. Of course, to sacrifice entertainment for the sake of the lights out at 22.00 is not worth it, but remember that after many days of sleeping until lunch to get up at 6.00 for work will be difficult.

How to tune in everyday work

On the first working day do not just take up many tasks. This will only increase the stress. Photo:

On average, adaptation to the everyday work takes a week. A few simple rules will help to speed up the process or make it not so difficult.

  • Immediately upon return from vacation should not assign a lot of meetings with friends and acquaintances. Time before going to work to spend in quiet mode, and share experiences, show photos and give a souvenir and a couple of days;
  • Try to go to work Thursday or Friday. This will allow you to tune into the rhythm of work and weekends will not so acutely feel postvacation syndrome;
  • Before the first working day of a good night’s sleep. This will allow you to Wake up early and no rush to come to work;
  • You should not take on challenges or to plan a very productive week. The desire to do it will cause a panic attack, and will only increase the stress. Included in the work gradually, and to deal with the tasks will help in planning and priority setting;
  • During the working day, try every few hours to relax a bit and don’t neglect a lunch break;
  • In the first days after a holiday do not stay at work. If you have the opportunity to go home early – use it. And don’t take work home;
  • Pay attention to the food, especially the foods that can improve mood. Relieve stress will help taxes, and soothing teas;
  • After work try to please – enjoyable walk buying, going to the cinema, meeting with friends, a book, etc.

Do not think that the vacation is over and a good time. Interesting weekend Hobbies in the evenings, socializing with family and friends will provide you with not less positive emotions.