Obama in the presidency was planning to introduce “cyberbaby” infrastructure Russia – media

Ex-US President Barack Obama during his leadership of the country approved in 2016 secret, with the potential placement of cyberweapons in the systems infrastructure of Russia, according to The Washington Post, citing its own investigation, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

As the newspaper notes, the CIA gave the report about the alleged Russian interference in elections in the United States in the White house no later than August 2016, since then, the Obama administration picked up the available options. In particular, among the considered options were the cyber attacks on system infrastructure of Russia and publication of the collected dirt the CIA, “which could embarrass President Vladimir Putin”.

In addition, it considered the sanctions, which, according to interlocutors of the edition, could greatly harm the Russian economy.

The publication notes that Obama approved secret plan that allows to implement cyber weapons in the Russian system infrastructure – “the digital equivalent of bombs that can be brought into action if Washington would be in conflict with Moscow.”

The weapon was developed by the CIA, the NSA and Cyber command of the United States at the Pentagon.

According to a former us official, the cyber operation, involving the deployment of “implants” in the important Russian networks is still in its early stages.

Version familiar with the situation sources of such a cyber attack can cause damage that will be difficult to eliminate.

It is emphasized that the White house had doubts about the possibility of using a “digital bomb”, as the consequences of such a cyber attack would be hard to control, but the Obama administration conducted a legal review for compliance of such actions with international law. The white house came to the conclusion that the use of such cyber weapons will be “proportional” response and will not violate the legal norms.

The publication notes that to continue over such weapons, the American intelligence services do not need further approval from the current President of Donald trump. According to officials, he may issue a decree that will cancel the plan on the use of cyber weapons, but until this decree is not it.

“Now the President trump will decide whether to use this possibility”, – emphasizes the publication.

Notably, Obama himself refused to comment on this information to The Washington Post.

It was noted earlier that the US President Donald trump for days holds a new morning ritual. Around 6:30 in the morning, before all the news will appear in the air, he discusses on the phone with a member of your legal team all the issues concerning Russia.

Trump’s advisors encourage such calls in the hope that he will be able to separate the important from the unimportant in the matter of the investigation of Russian interference in the elections. So when the President arrives at work in the Oval office, he is no longer immersed in thought about the investigation of the interference of Russia, which, according to him, as the dark cloud thickened over his presidency.

Recall that us intelligence has published a report on the “intervention” of Russia in the U.S. presidential election. According to the head of National intelligence, during the U.S. campaign, Russia has decided that trump “will be easier to do business”, as he is a businessman.