In Japan evacuated 30 thousand people

Almost 30 thousand inhabitants on the Pacific coast of Japan received the recommendation to evacuate due to heavy rains. This was reported by Rescue Now provides information about the orders of authorities in case of emergencies and natural disasters.

Indication of immediate evacuation got 2,38 thousands of residents in the village of SUSY in Wakayama Prefecture. Recommendations to evacuate received from the authorities of the inhabitants of the several districts of the prefectures of Shizuoka, Aichi, mie, Wakayama Prefecture.

In mie Prefecture this recommendation received 17 thousand people.

Only indication of immediate evacuation or softer recommendations to evacuate in the four prefectures received 28.27 thousand people.

Torrential rains produced by passing atmospheric front, which accompanies the season of “plum rains” in Japan, the onset of which was marked last week.

Vrede areas forecasted to 400 millimeters of rain per day. Special danger represent showers for residents whose homes are near rivers and in mountainous terrain because of the threat of landslides.

Recall that in late may, the Japanese survived the heat. Then in the hospital were thousands of inhabitants of the Islands.