Named the most useful product for the brain

American researchers from the Medical school’s Lewis Katz at temple University (LKSOM) found that olive oil is first cold pressed is the most useful product for brain as it improves learning ability, improves memory and protects against the development of Alzheimer’s disease, Eurekalert reports.

“We found that olive oil activates the autophagy – the process of destruction of intracellular debris and toxin. Such as beta-amyloid and neurofibrillary tangles. The latter, for example, provoke the dysfunction of nerve cells in the brain, which causes the disturbing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease,” explained Professor of the Department of pharmacology and Microbiology and Center for translational medicine LKSOM Domenico of Pratic.

To such conclusions scientists came after a series of experiments with two groups of laboratory mice, which is six months after the birth of the “tucked” the Mediterranean diet with olive oil and without it.

After 3-4 months the animals from the first group showed the best performance (learning ability, working and spatial memory) than from the second.

Overall, the mice who consumed the vegetable oil, the synapses (the contact points between two neurons) functioned better than in other animals. Scientists believe that the results obtained for rodents the findings hold true for humans.