The FBI creates a special Department for the investigation of RF interference in the presidential election – media

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) is planning to establish a special Department in the headquarters in Washington to coordinate investigations of alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election in 2016. About this newspaper the Financial Times.

The publication reports that the move, indicating how seriously the Bureau investigates allegations of Russian interference in American politics. The decision also seeks to allow the Director of the FBI James Komi to better understand the smallest details of the investigation.

Note that the creation of such a temporary structure reflects the approach of the Bureau to other important investigations relating to the organization WikiLeaks disclosure of secret documents of the us government and Hillary Clinton’s use of personal mailbox in the post of Secretary of state.

As a rule, the FBI prefers that particular investigation engaged in one of its 56 operational offices in the field, however, the resonant nature of the investigation against Russia requires leadership from the centre. Thus a press-the Secretary of FBI declined to comment on the message. It is expected that the Bureau will withdraw from the mission specialist in counterintelligence, FBI. He will lead the team that needs to start work next month. The new team should consist of approximately 20 dedicated agents in different parts of the country. They will inform Komi Republic on its activities on a weekly basis, while providing daily updates to the Deputy Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe.

Recall that on 28 March it was reported that the U.S. Congress has postponed hearings on the RF interference in the presidential election.