Cristiano Ronaldo: the kiss and the tax scandal

This evening at the Moscow stadium “Open”, there probably wasn’t a happier person than Pauline Khairetdinova. Ten-year-old girl confined to a wheelchair and lives with foster parents. Before the match between Russia and Portugal, she appeared on the field hand in hand with Cristiano Ronaldo. And when the players stood in the same line, Ronaldo gave her his jacket and kissed her forehead. As a reciprocal gesture of gratitude, she made him a bracelet in the colors of the Portuguese flag. The boys who stood in front of Rui patrício and Pepe watched with envy.

It was all prepared by the sponsor of FIFA and the world Cup. Cute Ronaldo is a way, which the Portuguese and his entourage can actively use. Because these days, when the Portuguese national team thanks to a goal Ronaldo scored with his head, won the Russian team with the score 1:0 and practically provided to itself an exit in the semifinals of the confederations Cup, it is not primarily about sports. And the consequences of tax scandal.

Soon after Ronaldo was awarded a little kiss Pauline, it became known that there was evidence that undermines strategy striker Real Madrid in the case of tax fraud. Spiegel has published documents which became available to the platform Footfball Leaks. We are not talking about new amounts, and about suspicions that Ronaldo and his lawyers lied to the Treasury of Spain.

Ronaldo last week received notice from the Spanish prosecutors. It is reported that he directed the advertising revenues in the offshore company, including company Tollin in the British virgin Islands. Have they done their tax obligations in Spain, is unknown. Probably, in the years 2011-2014, as the beneficiary of the so-called Beckham law, he had to tax in Spain only part of their income.

In the spotlight — advertising revenues

The Prosecutor’s office and the Spanish Treasury believe that Ronaldo in the period from 2011 to 2014 owed to the budget of almost 15 million euros in taxes. Lawyers Ronaldo with the claim that he pays taxes in Spain about 20% of its advertising revenue, although 92% of its advertising revenues are generated outside the country.

The footballer appeared a new problem: one of his advisers wrote a memo which stated that the draft agreement for the company Tollin refers to the “Bank account” that existed in 2008. The question is whether the date stamped retroactively. From the internal correspondence from June 2009 it follows that the British advertising rights Ronaldo were among British companies, although even then, according to the signed personally by the player agreement, international revenues had to go through the company Tollin. The Treaty Ronaldo gave the result of the proceedings. If this was a true fraud, Ronaldo expect the problem. The lawyers of the Portuguese do not allow comments.

What is the significance of this “discovery” will become clear after July 31. Then Ronaldo will give evidence to the inquiry as a defendant. According to reports, Ronaldo before the hearing to pay to 14.77 million euros, which he apparently hid. This amount seems adequate, if we remember that in the 2016 year, he received about 85 million euros. However, it will not mean an admission of guilt, lawyers say.

Sports future is still in question

Whether the Spanish authorities even more than the money = an interesting question. The question arises whether it is possible to use the Football Leaks documents as evidence. Defenders Ronaldo was probably trying to hide them, arguing that the papers were received as a result of a cyber attack.

All these events accompany Ronaldo at the games of the confederations Cup in Russia. On Wednesday evening he experienced mixed feelings. In the welcome of his team could hear people shouting his name. When he scored a goal and then again creating a dangerous situation, got the ball, there was, on the contrary, loud whistle. Thanks Ronaldo Portugal won for the first time in the Russia game. It is the very first time scored a goal in gate of the Russian national team.

As in the game against Mexico, Ronaldo once again proved to be “a leading player of the match” and this time even appeared at a press conference. It was a short speech with standard phrases players, no comments about taxes and no questions asked. He then went toward the dressing rooms.

A lot of rumors, little reliable information

An hour after the game ends, when players of the team were already waiting for the bus, still echoed with joyful shouts. “Ronaldo, Ronaldo” shouted a group of fans, and a small group of volunteers of the championship in red jackets rushed to the side fences again to see Ronaldo.

What will be Ronaldo after the tournament is unknown. Newspaper A Bola at the end of last week said that because of the criminal and media attention in Spain, he wants to leave the country this summer.

The President of FC Real Madrid Florentino Perez stated earlier this week that he wants to meet Ronaldo after the end of the confederations Cup on 2 July. Publications L’equipe and Marca reported on Thursday that the interest in Ronaldo showed club Paris Saint-Germain is ready to pay him over 100 million euros.