Franz Beckenbauer from German emperors to Russian tsars football

On photos taken in the vineyard in South Africa, smiling at the three men. Smile from ear to ear. One of them was Franz Beckenbauer, once the best player in the world. But today he was involved in five large cases of corruption that left an imprint on football after the world Cup in Germany in 2006.

In one case, the German football Association charged that bribes won the right to host the world Cup in 2006 — at the expense of Nelson Mandela and South Africa, which thanks to Franz Beckenbauer went to the world Cup in 2010.

In addition, he played a Central role in the fact that Russia had secured the right to host the world Cup in 2018. Franz Beckenbauer German soccer Kaiser became the football king, Vladimir Putin.

Pictured is the German who is now 71, in the company of his faithful minions, Radmann Fedor (Fedor Radmann) and Andreas Abold (Andreas Abold). Together they enjoy a glass of Libero No. 5, this wine is named after the number on the football Jersey Beckenbauer, when he won every match for Bayern Munich when he won the world Cup with the national team of West Germany in 1974.

Part of the jointly earned money they invested to the vineyard of Lammershoek in South Africa.

The story of the “Kaiser” — football Kaiser Franz Beckenbauer, the person who has turned defense into an art — deserves to become a heroic epic.

But on the basis of the information Nettavisen and Ekstra Bladet has collected in recent months, is more grim story of the former giant’s defense. In this picture are also present and smiling, Radmann and Abold.

Five cases of corruption involving Beckenbauer, are relevant to the establishment of the Fund in connection with the filing of Germany’s bid to host the world Cup in 2006, the so-called slush-Fund. In addition, he is accused of having embezzled 5.5 million euros from the sponsor of the world Cup Oddset. Beckenbauer suspect also in receipt of payments in the days when he was a member of the FIFA Executive Committee and was to take part in the vote on holding the world Cup in 2018 and 2022 the Fourth matter concerns the role of Beckenbauer to award South Africa the right to host the world Cup in 2010. And the last it comes to relationships Beckenbauer with the Russian company “Gazprom” and when the cooperation began.

Nettavisen and Ekstra Bladet asked Franz Beckenbauer through his press Secretary Hafla Marcus (Marcus Höfl) questions about how it relates to various allegations of corruption, but have received no reply.

Meeting with the mafia

Nettavisen and Ekstra Bladet already mentioned parliamentary report, which the Sunday Times journalists Heidi Blake (Heidi Blake) and Jonathan Calvert (Calvert Jonathan) talking about the struggle waged by Russia for the right to host the world Cup in 2018.

The report concludes that the Olympic games in Sochi was very important for Vladimir Putin, but that first he was not interested in the football world Cup. The report said that gradually, Putin was doing everything to avoid losing when submitting bids to host the world Cup. Putin believed that the failure of the bid to host the football championship will affect the reputation of the Games in Sochi.

In the game for the right to host the Olympic games co-investor Franz Beckenbauer in the vineyard in South Africa played a Central role. Fedor, Radmann was President of the Olympic Committee of Salzburg, who competed in Sochi for the right to host the Olympics in 2014, but withdrew from the race. In the assessment reports of the IOC Salzburg was a much stronger candidate than Sochi, but it turned out that other factors become more important.

According to German media reports, in July 2006 in one of the restaurants of Munich held a special meeting. At the table sat in a restaurant the then speaker of the foreign policy of Vladimir Putin, Sergei Prikhodko (SIC — approx. ed.), head of the Russian Olympic Committee Leonid Tyagachev, whose behind — according to the book “The KGB Plays Chess”, work in KGB and the leader of the mafia Radik Yusupov, which, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine, was the leader of the mafia gang “Dragons” (Dragons).

Two months after meeting in a restaurant Yusupov, according to the German intelligence service, got in touch with Fedor Radmannen and began to push him hard. He allegedly asked Radmann to resign as President of the bid Committee Salzburg, Radmann with tears and made at a press conference in January 2007. The rationale for leaving was “health reasons”, but, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine, the decision was made because of Radmann feared for his life. He Radmann in an interview with the same newspaper claimed that it is not threatened, and that Yusupov he is not familiar.

In July 2007, Sochi won the right to play.

Nettavisen and Ekstra Bladet through counsel Radmann, Norbert Scharf (Norbert Scharf), tried to get Radmann to explain what happened then, but he doesn’t want to talk to the press.

Beckenbauer gives gas

Frank Beckenbauer was on the payroll of Vladimir Putin for many years. German is the Ambassador of the Russian state gas concern “Gazprom” and its task is to promote all the big sporting events in Russia. He, in particular, was the Ambassador of the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014.

In a documentary series on German TV channel ARD alleges that Beckenbauer was in the payroll of Putin when the 2 December 2010 Russia granted the right to host the world Cup. Then Franz Beckenbauer was a member of the FIFA Executive Committee. It is officially unknown who voted Beckenbauer, when in the end, was elected to Russia, but he never denied that he voted for her.

The British newspaper the Daily Mail in June 2010 wrote that Beckenbauer began to work on “Gazprom”. Himself Franz Beckenbauer says that he became an Ambassador of “Gazprom” in 2012.

Beckenbauer and Radmann, being respectively the President and Vice-President of the German Committee for the world Cup, played the most important role when Germany hosted the world Cup in 2006.

After the world Cup in Germany there were several cases of corruption. Beckenbauer and Radmann together with some other members of the German football Union has charged that they bought votes. In particular, very mysteriously looks like the translation more than 10 million Swiss francs to a friend of a Friend in Qatar Mohammed Bin Hammam. Beckenbauer himself said that he knew nothing about the transfer.

Bin Hammam was a member of the FIFA Executive Committee, which in 2000 made the mistress of the world Championship 2006 in Germany and not South Africa by a margin of just one vote.

The last vote

Well-known British investigative journalist, Andrew Jennings (Andrew Jennings) in his book “the Dirty Game” (Dirty game) described the dramatic vote, which made Germany mistress of the world Championship in 2006.

In Norway, Andrew Jennings, best known for exposing corruption among IOC members on the eve of the Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994, but it has also contributed to the exposure of several major cases of corruption in FIFA.

It was expected that for the right to host the football world Cup in 2006 will go a tough battle between Germany and South Africa. Sepp Blatter promised FIFA world Cup Nelson Mandela, and Germany feared that the elections will be finished 12-12, and that Sepp Blatter so you’ll have to use your voice, Jennings writes in the book. About voting, he also wrote and article in the Daily Mail. “In the second round was 11-11. In this round England received only two votes and thus was eliminated from the dance floor. One of those votes was filed by Charlie Dempsey (Charlie Dempsey) from New Zealand. He was given a mandate from the football Union of Oceania to vote for South Africa if England will become irrelevant. This meant that the ratio of the votes still would have to be equal if the second vote will go to Germany,” writes Jennings.

Dempsey himself said that it was not decided for whom he was to vote in the second round.

“But in the last round suddenly was 12-11 in favour of Germany. That is, the voice was given only 23 of the 24 members of the Executive Committee. Someone abstained from voting. It was Charlie Dempsey, who was sitting at the airport in Zurich on the way home,” continues Jennings.

Late Charlie Dempsey acknowledged that on the day of the vote, he was subjected to terrible pressure from both sides. Dempsey also said that a few days before the vote, he probably would have voted for South Africa, but after consulting with his attorney, chose from voting to abstain.

“Another day and a half before the vote, I treated him like everything else in life: let come what may. I didn’t understand the importance of voting. Maybe I was easy to make, or I was inexperienced. I never thought much until the real persuasion. What happened in Zurich was unusual,” Dempsey told the New Zealand Herald. Jennings writes in his book that soon began to spread rumors that Fedor Radmann, one of the partners Beckenbauer, bribed Charlie Dempsey.

“If everything was going to 12-12, Charlie Dempsey had to leave the hall where the vote was taken, go to the hotel Dolder Grand Hotel and pick up the suitcase that was meant for him. There were 250 thousand dollars. At the hotel it was waiting for a taxi that was to take him to the airport,” writes Jennings.

In an interview with New Zealand Herald Dempsey says nothing about the case mentioned by Jennings in the book and in an article in Dаily Mail.

Fedor, Redman did not want to answer the question Nettavisen and Ekstra Bladet that he did with Charlie Dempsey during the aforementioned vote.

Charlie Dempsey died in 2008 at the age of 86 years.

The tax evasion

Because of the connections of Franz Beckenbauer with Russia (and Qatar) he was not in Brazil when Germany won the world Cup in 2014. Beckenbauer suspended for 90 days because he had refused to testify in connection with charges of corruption leveled against Russia and Qatar, but maybe Beckenbauer needs to answer for more.

Last year, German Der Spiegel wrote that Beckenbauer in his time as head of the German bid Committee to host the world Cup in 2006, allegedly received on account of some 50 million crowns, and that the German tax authorities it is about this sum is not informed.

The money was allegedly a part payment gaming company Oddset, one of the sponsors of the football world Cup. Through his lawyers Beckenbauer said that no harm was done.

However, four years later the German football Association paid a large sum to German tax authorities, before they once again put Beckenbauer account. According to the British newspaper the Independent, Beckenbauer has paid for itself quietly.

This story came to light when the Swiss police began to investigate the case of the German bid Committee that landed the world Cup for Germany in 2006. In this case, which is not yet completed, Redmann, Abold, Beckenbauer, and several others are suspected of fraud, corruption, money laundering and bad leadership.

In the investigation conducted by the German football Association in 2016, it is concluded that it cannot be excluded that Germany bought votes in order to be able to conduct in the 2006 world Cup.

Beckenbauer himself all the time claims that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Journey to world Cup bids

Every time Beckenbauer calls the attention of the police, he says he didn’t do anything wrong. So did he and when at the end of (last) year there was a new case — a case in which were involved three gentlemen from Germany.

At the end of the year the German media found out that Beckenbauer, Radmann and Abold, securing Germany world Cup in 2006, began to fight for the world Cup in 2010 went to South Africa.

Gradually, from South African Union to have any economic problems, so it took loan from FIFA to cover costs. Money from FIFA was allegedly used to pay Beckenbauer, Radmenu and Ubaldo, according to

The account allegedly was in the amount of approximately 16 million kroons. First, the money allegedly was paid as a loan from FIFA. Radmann, and Abold allegedly received money to your own account, while Beckenbauer is claimed to have transferred money to the offshore company in Gibraltar.

Information about these transactions appeared in the Swiss investigation, which makes clear that South Africa and bought votes to secure the world Cup. It is clear from the documents the U.S. attorney’s office. So now Beckenbauer a part of this business too.

When a trio of Beckenbauer, Radmann and Abold finished work to ensure the world Championships in Germany and South Africa, they supposedly agreed that they would help Australia to get the world Cup in 2022. It argues informer FIFA Mersiades Bonita (Bonita Mersiades) in his private blog, published by Australian football magazine Football Today.

Silent Beckenbauer

The Australian football Federation (FFA) has recruited Radmann to help the country to the world Cup. According to Mersiades, Radmann received 23 million kroons and Abold of 20.5 million kroner for his work with the Australians, in particular, to writing application bound in the skins of kangaroos.

When the FIFA Executive Committee in 2010 made the decision about who will hold the world Cup in 2018 and 2022, Australia got only one of 22 votes. Qatar secured the world Cup in 2022, having received 14 votes in the final round of voting, while Russia got the world Cup in 2018 — she’s in the final round I got 13 votes.

The Australians were defeated, while Beckenbauer, Radmann and Abold could say that Russia got the world Cup in 2018 and Qatar in 2022.

Nettavisen and Ekstra Bladet contacted Franz Beckenbauer via e-mail of the head of his press service Marcus Hafla. We asked if he was interrogated in the police in some of the cases that we refer to in this material.

We also asked whether he had voted for Russia when she was given the world Cup in 2018, when he started to work for Gazprom, and what works in interests of Russia it is now, but received no response.