Relations between Russia and the United States become very strained

The administration trump wants to improve relations with Russia. However, it seems that there are more grounds to say that Russia does not want and actively takes steps, pushing them to new, even lower point.

The last step was completed today, when the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs canceled a long-planned meeting between senior us and Russian diplomats. According to the Kremlin, it was a retaliatory action because the United States has just announced the expansion of sanctions against individuals and organizations that helped Moscow during its invasion of Ukraine in 2014.

“After yesterday’s decision on sanctions, the situation does not have to conduct rounds of this dialogue”, — reads the statement of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs.

The state Department replied to the private message surprisingly undiplomatic actions. “Let us remember that these sanctions did not arise out of nowhere. Our targeted sanctions were imposed in response to Russia’s continued violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbor Ukraine”, — said in his statement, state Department spokesman Heather Nauert (Heather Nauert).

This war of words is in itself must seem a serious problem. However, this is not the only evidence of deteriorating relations between
With Washington and Moscow.

Last Sunday the United States had shot down a Syrian military plane. It was the first step America during the Syrian civil war. It caused such an outrage in Russian, which are partners of the Syrian government that the Russian defense Ministry even made threats. It stated that now it will be seen as the goal of any US aircraft or kailzie in the sky of Syria West of the Euphrates.

The Americans ignored the harsh statements of Moscow on Tuesday shot down a Syrian drone that, of course, will not go unnoticed by the Kremlin. And on Wednesday, a senior FBI confirmed the information that Russia actively tried to help Trump to win the election, although the President himself denies this fact.

Jim Townsend (Jim Townsend), who under the Obama administration were occupied by the former high position in the Pentagon and was involved in related to the Russian Affairs, is concerned that all of this could be the beginning of a dangerous new phase in relations between Moscow and Washington, as well as those that can no longer be heard quiet voices, trying to ease tensions.


“”Fuck you! No, you go.” So start conflicts on the Playground, he said in an interview. — But where are the adults?”

Instead of having to keep their emotions in check, both countries seem to be trying to grab each other by the throat. And, apparently, the situation will not improve.

The United States continues to irritate Russia

During the elections it was clear that the team trump wanted to improve relations with Russia. Besides the fact that trump praised about Putin, members of his team, against the advice of most respected members of the Republican party in foreign policy, was removed from the party platform a provision calling for arms supplies to Ukraine. And when trump was in the White house, the impression that he even wanted to remove Russia from sanctions.



However, the situation changed radically. Just yesterday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko met with trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and Secretary of defense James Mattis. The goal on the American side was to show that the United States continues to support its allies in Kiev. Mattis, discussing relations with Kiev confirmed the commitment of Washington to its obligations in the sphere of defense of this country.

“The United States supports you,” he said after the meeting. — We support you in the face of threats against sovereignty, international law and international order,” he added, apparently alluding to Russia.


Validity of the Mattis became the confirmation of his words. He helped initiate “operation Atlantic determination” (Atlantic Resolve Operation), which represents the biggest military build-up in Europe since the end of the cold war. In this region are currently 6500 us military.


As of June 1, the Pentagon even requested this fiscal year additional funds for the program “Initiative on European security” (European Reassurance Initiative), under which the United States would help its allies in Europe to defend against threats — mainly from Moscow.


Support Ukraine and other European allies and the simultaneous introduction of sanctions against citizens and organizations in Russia — not the method by which Washington will be able to regain the location of Russia.

According to Townsend, the tension between the two countries increases the likelihood of dangerous mistakes, particularly in Syria, where both sides have combat aircraft that bombed the same areas.

“In my opinion, the situation became very difficult, and that means it’s easier to take a step that could lead to a catastrophic incident, such incident after which there will be casualties,” he said.