On red square to be banned in virtual reality

Artist Catherine Nencheva detained in Central Moscow for the ride via virtual reality glasses, was taken to the police station and then to a psychiatric examination. This was reported by photographer Natalia Budantseva, accompanied Nenasheva during the campaign, reports the Russian service Bi-bi-si.

Nenasheva detained on the afternoon of 22 June on red square, where she walked with glasses virtual reality. As told to “Medusa” journalist Michael Levin, police officers demanded she remove the glasses, but she refused, after which she was taken away in OVD “China-a city”.

The reason for the detention she was not called. According to Nenasheva, during the arrest, she said, “In virtual reality in no event it is impossible to be in a public place. Here the real world”.

Then it was taken away for examination in a psychiatric clinical hospital No. 3 named Gilyarovskogo. She was soon released.

In the framework of its shares Catherine Nenasheva went with a virtual reality near the Kremlin walls. Her movements were led by patients of psycho-neurological dispensaries, which are not able to leave the walls of the institution.

Earlier Nenashev told Bi-bi-si about his new project called “Between here and there”: it is dedicated to the people living in psycho-neurological boarding schools. The aim of the project is to tell the denizens of boarding schools on those who live in the open world, not for “concrete walls” and Vice versa.

This action of the artist began on 12 June with a stroll through the festival of historical reconstruction.

The police is not the first time delays Nenasheva. In March 2017 this also happened in Moscow, when she’s with a group of feminists conducted a campaign “Seize the Kremlin”. A year ago she was under arrest, shaved bald on the red square.