The lawyer called nine legal grounds for stopping the vehicle police

In Ukrainian legislation there is a clear list of grounds when the police can stop the car. It is declared by the lawyer Sergey Gula, reports

He also notes that the police officer must inform the driver the specific reason for the stop and auto detail to explain the reason for the stop.

On the other hand, to the right of the driver has not been violated, it is also desirable to know in what situation the patrol can stop him, and what is not.

All these nine reasons:

  • The driver violated traffic Rules;
  • There are obvious signs testifying to technical malfunction of the vehicle;
  • There is information that is evidence of the involvement of the driver (of his car) or passengers to commit the offense;
  • The vehicle is wanted;
  • Necessary to carry out the poll of the driver or passengers about circumstances of Commission of road accident;
  • It is necessary to involve the driver to assist other participants of traffic or police, or to bring as a witness in the execution of protocols;
  • The public authority has taken the decision to restrict or prohibit the movement;
  • The method of stowage creates a danger;
  • Violation of the procedure definition and the use of special light or audible warning devices.
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