How to change the subsidy for the summer: the money for “utility rebates” end

In the budget for 2017 is provided 47 billion in subsidies. As stated by the representative of the network OPORA Tetiana Boiko, the money from the state has ended, the discount on bills will not compensate for three to six months. The Ministry of Finance agree: money is really not enough. According to Deputy Minister Sergei Marchenko, subsidies will need about 75 billion hryvnia. Part of the shortfall will be written off from the accounts of the Ukrainians in the heating season, the rest have to look in the state Treasury. The website “Today” figured out how to recalculate subsidies to Ukrainians and where to get the money for subsidies.

The subsidy for the following season, the Ukrainians will count income from April 2016 to March 2017. Given that the minimum wage since the beginning of this year has increased two times, for many, the discount will be much lower. In addition, a family with two average wage subsidy is not allowed. For example, a household of three with two minimum wages this winter, pay for utilities with subsidy not more than 267 UAH, and in may will give the already communal 375 hryvnia. Next year, when the discount calculation will take into account the income for the entire 2017, the same family with two minimum wage will have to pay the subsidy 630 hryvnia.

Given that the majority of subsidianes declare the minimum wage, the growth of the minimal salary allowed to save about five billion on subsidies this year, according to the Ministry of Finance.

However, even with the new wage money is sorely lacking. By the end of this month from the accounts of the Ukrainians will be blamed “saved” for the heating means. For example, the subsidy covers 300 cubic meters of gas, and the family instead burned a total of 200 cubic meters. As a result, in six months you can save up to four thousand. In total, the budget will be back around 10 billion hryvnia. Another 14 billion the government plans to allocate an additional.

On 21 June the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman has registered in the Parliament changes to the budget for grants asking 14.1 billion. The document must vote before the summer parliamentary recess, or service providers will not have the resources to prepare for the heating season.