How to earn the attraction of quadcopters: a business plan

Smart technologies to actively break into the daily lives of Ukrainians — in the form of drones, gyrometers, virtual reality glasses. All this causes great interest among children and young people, which clearly provides an excellent opportunity to open his own small business associated with the sale of this equipment and accessories, repair, development of unique entertainment services and So “Today” has studied the prospects of the launch in Kyiv of the attraction with the use of quadcopters.

Business plan attraction involving quadcopters

1. Project description

Opened in Kiev, a new attraction “Above the clouds”. Invite people to “tickle the nerves” in the virtual world of flight. To experience new sensations will be wearing video glasses connected to the communication with quadcopter. And when a drone is sent flying, the client sees the whole picture like he is hovering like a bird. It estimates that if every day our services will take four people with an average bill of 250 UAH, our project will pay a maximum of 4 months.

2. Start-up capital

To run the project we need to invest in equipment. Acquire drone, remote control, charge, dopkomplekt propellers, a couple of batteries, glasses, smartphone, notebook, modem router to access the Internet, etc. (80 thousand UAH). We need a minimum of furniture to be comfortable to work on the road. To do this, buy a couple of folding deck chairs (2000 UAH).

Don’t forget about knowledge: build from 3000 UAH on special courses where learn the rules of piloting the quadcopter.

TOTAL: 85 thousand UAH at the start

3. Current expenses

Again we will work on the road, so his office is not needed, because the hardware is going to keep the house. Also do not plan to hire employees — after all, the key functions can handle the business owner. In the end, consider the following costs: Internet and mobile communications — up to 300 UAH, the salary of the administrator (i.e. the entrepreneur) — 5000 UAH, the cost of fuel for your car — 2000 UAH. This is enough at the start to ensure the operation of our business.

TOTAL: 7.3 thousand UAH per month

4. Marketing, advertising

To promote the project we need representation on the Internet. Open a simple business card site (up to 4000 UAH). Need domain and hosting for a year (about 1500 UAH). On the website, briefly describe the business, post photos, prices and contacts. Run and pages on FB and Instagram: here will post videos of flying a drone and the enthusiasm of the customers, figure out promotions, announce point of our movement in the parks.

TOTAL: 5.5 thousand UAH at the start

5. The payback of the project

According to experts, the cost minute flight, taking into account depreciation of equipment is 2 UAH. Because the attraction is new and has no competition, set for customers, the cost of minutes of flight time is 50 UAH. That is, if every day our service will be interested in 4 customers with an average bill for 250 UAH per 5 minutes of flight, then a month earn 30 thousand UAH. Minusuem current (7.3 thousand) expenses produced 22.7 thousand UAH. Given the starting (85 thousand) and marketing (5.5 thousand) investments (a total of 90.5 thousand UAH), the project will pay for itself in 4 months — that is, during the summer season. And at the end of the season you can sell the equipment and go out on a good profit: write-down will be about 30% of the cost.

The business plan: calculations “Today”, with the company

A wide range of activities

Quadcopters are popular all over the world, and are a promising idea for implementation in any segment of the economy, said the head of the Secretariat of the Council of entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers Andrei Zablovsky. “Technology is actively picked up by Ukrainian companies: one produces and sells quadcopters and accessories, help in maintenance and repair. Teach other people the skill of flying drones. Still others are developing software that helps customers to solve specific tasks, for example, in entertainment or business purposes,” says Zablovsky.

In turn, head of the franchising Association of Ukraine Andriy Kryvonos noted that drones have long been used in the current processes of corporate customers. “In my opinion, these customers occupy about 80-90% of our market use quadcopters. Business owners can enjoy shooting large objects of real estate — both under construction and ready. Then made drones photos or videos uploaded to the site or used in the installation of corporate films. In addition, the drones are gradually fading in dosystem security measures. And all because so you can check whether the closed gates, doors and Windows, if there are outsiders, etc. as a result, state monitoring for the same private Villa it is possible to keep under control, and in the case of force majeure, the security group urgently go at. Lastly, quadcopters are effectively used in agriculture: it’s easier to check a box, say, 50 acres, no circling the crops themselves, and to develop a work plan for the next day” — lists Krivonos.

And Zablovsky sure that the next step in the use of quadcopters will be the analysis of Big Data. “The future in this business will be focused on the analysis of large amounts of data for corporate clients, on the basis of information collected by drones. And experts, based on this information, will make recommendations to the client. For example, if we are talking about fields, you can analyze what humidity and what chemicals are used etc. are All elements of smart agriculture”, — says Zablovsky.

Create an exclusive product

The quadcopter is actively used in commercial and military purposes, but potrebuet remains popular. “If we talk about micro businesses, the drones can be a good idea to apply in entertainment. Photos or videos of a wedding or prom is a good additional feature in the business of rental of the drones or in the list of services creative studios. And with the help of quadcopters can be removed, for example, views of nature or city landscapes and then sell content to magazines, websites. And, of course, do not forget about the possibility to use drones in delivering products or arrange surprises for the family. It is not excluded that in the near future such services will offer online shopping or pizzerias, as this chip will allow you to attract new customers”, — quotes the examples of Andrei Zablovsky. Andrei Krivonos, added to the small and medium business was successful from the start, you need to find a unique idea or niche where you can be the first to offer such a product not yet on the market: “New ideas can be sought abroad but need maximum love in it, and a crazy desire to work. And if the business is interesting to the owner — he with glowing eyes tells around about your product. Then people can be carried away by the idea, and they just might become new customers.”

ALL BY YOURSELF. Entrepreneurs who have long used drones in your business, I advise newcomers to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the use of equipment. “If you buy a quadcopter for a small business — better than they do on their own, because a good camera is worth $1000 and above. There will have to be a pilot, businessman, Manager. Otherwise there will always be a fear that the customers can break the drone. So before you implement an idea, need to write a business plan; understand who is the target audience; be sure that in case of failure, will be able to Express themselves in a new direction or sell the drone,” says photographer Anton Sushchenko, using quadcopters.

Study technical details

If an entrepreneur wants to buy a good quadcopter, you should pay attention not only on the characteristics of the equipment, but also to understand if the specific model for the solution of business problems. “Key features of quadcopter flight time, range and quality of the camera. Therefore, if a person needs high-quality drone will shoot from the air — need to look on the message boards beushnye camera with camera 4K (resolution of 4,000 pixels across. — Ed.) and buy it for $700. And if we talk about the adventure flights on the drone, it is better to buy a quadcopter that is compatible with video glasses. Such devices cost anywhere from $1200,” says the Director of the DJI Store Kyiv Taras Threefold.

Experts also recommend before buying to test the drone: as a rule, in the service centers diagnosis costs about 400 UAH. It is very important to take courses that teach the management of quadrocopters in order not to break the device in his first flight. Cost new knowledge somewhere in 3 thousand UAH. and will take about three hours. “A person explain the basic rules of piloting, rules of the air in the air space, rules of service, quadcopter, teach in practice how to control the drone. And in the end he passes the test and receives a certificate of the pilot,” explains Taras Threefold.

The experts draw attention to the fact that any business associated with the quadcopters is seasonal: according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the drone cannot be operated in rainy weather and at subzero temperatures. However, entrepreneurs are using quadcopters in such circumstances, just do it carefully. For this it is necessary to carefully prepare the equipment for flight: it is good to charge the battery and to protect the unit itself from cold and moisture. Here, for example, useful case-coupler for control panel: this will give the drone the ability to fly safely, say, at ski resorts. “But we must consider that the usual life cycle of the drone is two years. That is, if the drone is used in the business, it is advisable to lay money on the costs associated with the purchase of apparatus, accessories or repair”, — says Taras Threefold. And guarantee when buying a drone is about a year or so if the new device will have problems, they can be solved for free.