The antics of Russian macho — dangerous game

Even closer is simply not to fly. Five feet does not leave room for error. So the macho antics of the Russians over the Baltic sea is a very dangerous game.

The American pilots who conduct daily flights over the Baltic sea, already quite accustomed to such situations. They know they can meet with Russian fighters, seeking close contact.

In June, the Russian planes went up and met by American fighters of 30. But the meeting was really close.

Reportedly, the Russian aircraft “Sukhoi” su-27 flying at a distance of about five feet from the huge American RC-135. This four-engine jet plane stuffed to the eyeballs with electronic reconnaissance equipment. The spy plane.

According to available information, Russian pilot showed that he is armed and under the wings of the rocket. Such a warning at all unusual.

The incident on Monday stands out among the rest: Russian pilot in this time came so close that the U.S. military has identified the Russian actions as “unsafe”. It is not surprising.

This plane flies at a speed of nearly a thousand kilometers per hour. In such circumstances, to approach to a distance of a few meters is to violate all boundaries of safety.

But Russian I love this kind of recklessness. For example, the Russian fighter also flew several times at low level flight over the American warships in the Black sea.

For the most part, all ends well. But not always. In 2001, a Chinese fighter jet collided with an American reconnaissance aircraft off the coast of China.

The Americans were over neutral waters. The Chinese pilot was killed and the American plane made an emergency landing on the Chinese island of Hainan.

This caused a serious diplomatic crisis between China and the United States. Something like that could happen and over the Baltic sea. Who would dare to make assumptions about developments in the case that the KC-135 crash in a collision with a Russian fighter, and his entire crew will die?

Besides the Russians are trying to come into close contact amid rising tension in the airspace of Syria — a region where both American and Russian fighters carried out the bombing.

On Sunday, the US shot down a Syrian fighter jet that bombed a Syrian rebel group. The US says the Syrian pilot warned but he still continued his attack.

For the first six years of civil war in this country, the U.S. shot down a Syrian plane. And Russia didn’t like it.

Russia is an important ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. She called the incident a “military aggression” and warned that it would consider American planes in the West of the Euphrates as a potential aerial target.

Russia also threatened to stop the exchange of information that countries are to avoid expensive mistakes and accidents in the airspace over Syria.

But, as the incident over the Baltic sea, hazardous pads can happen much closer to us. And absolutely not like that the Russian pilots are going to change their behavior.