How to remove chewing gum from clothes: TOP 3 reliable way

Chewing gum is bad not only for teeth, but can become a big problem for clothes.

Website Lisa knows a few ways that will help you to quickly and easily clean any item of chewing gum, without boiling and using chemicals.

Method # 1

If you try to clear a stuck chewing gum from clothes at room temperature, you not only get the desired result, but may hopelessly spoil a thing.

Better put on 30-40 minutes in the freezer. When the gum hardens, you can easily remove it rests with trousers or skirts.

Method # 2

What to do if it happened with soft furnishings? Because the sofa or armchair in the freezer will not stick!

Here to the aid will come again the contents of the freezer. Put it on the place where the stuck chewing gum, a bag of ice. After half an hour it is only necessary to scrape off the frozen gum from upholstery.

Method # 3

You can try to remove the gum with duct tape. After you have removed the bulk of the gum, remove remnants of tape. Cleave tape on the “problem” until all remnants of the gum will not remain on the sticky tape.