“Municipal revolution”: how new laws will change the lives of Ukrainians

Today in Ukraine will consider two draft laws, which will allow you to run the energy efficiency Fund (PE) and establish new rules for Ukrainian citizens. If the documents support the parliamentarians, that all will be obliged to install meters in new buildings and buildings budget will have to conduct energy audit. The website “Today” figured out how the new “municipal laws” can change the lives of Ukrainians.

The law on commercial heat metering: that will change

All-house water losses, the so-called “naturalisatie” can be up to 50%. For example, if the provider filed for house of 1000 cubic meters of water, the tenants can pay on the counter for only 600 cubic meters. First, flats without meters pay for water at the social norm of 2.4 cubic meters per person, and can spend several times more. Second, as the representative Association of water utilities Olga Babiy, many Ukrainians falsifiziert the counters. “Personally, I bought cold water meter with magnet. It can be easily bought on the market with a magnet,” says Babi.

This loss suppliers include in their rates. As a result, for those who have not installed the meter and it spends more than the norm or falsifying meter readings, will pay the rest.

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The law “On commercial accounting utilities” will require all homes to install the meters, which would take all the water, light, heat and gas that come to the house. Also the counters have to install and in all apartments (where technically possible). As a result, as experts predict, the volume of “memorialization” is significantly reduced. As calculated in Association of water utilities, sales of water after the installation of meters for all homes to increase by 15%. In most cities, namely consumption reduction has led to higher tariffs.

“We need to move from discussions about the tariffs to the account. 100% of the resources should in any country be considered. We need to let people know the conditions in which we live, where we live, and is my bills payment system from a friend who lives in another house,” says one of the authors of the bill Alexander Dombrowski.

According to the law, and brownies, and door-to-door counters should be installed in all non-residential buildings until October 1, 2017, and in residential buildings – up to 1 October 2018.

“With the consent of the owner (co-owners) of the building and operator of external engineering networks, houses the metering unit can be installed outside the building, including on the border of land owned by the building owner. If the building owner does not give consent or prevent the establishment of a house of the metering unit inlet external engineering networks in the building, the operator of external engineering networks to which it is joined (appended) building, may require determination by the court of an easement (limited right of use – ed.) in respect of the building”, – stated in the bill.

The law on energy performance of buildings: what to expect Ukrainians

In Ukraine there is no special legislation which would ensure the energy efficiency of buildings. And residential sector and public buildings spend up to half of the heat wasted. Giga-calorie “go” through non-insulated walls, Foundation, roof, improper ventilation, leaky Windows. As assured MPs that the bill “About energy efficiency of buildings” is the first step towards energy efficiency of Ukraine.

After the law comes into force mandatory energy audits will have to be:

New building:

  • Building local and state government
  • Budget companies, if you are upgrading

To pay for an energy audit and a certificate will be the owners of the building. However, the law States: certificates will begin to test only at the beginning of next year. The resulting document will be valid for 10 years. Violators face a fine from 3400 to 5100 UAH.

The approximate cost of the energy audit for the buildings:

  • up to 100 flats – 9.5 thousand UAH
  • up to 300 apartments – 12 thousand hryvnia
  • 350 apartments – 13 thousand hryvnias

We will remind, last year tens of thousands of Ukrainians took advantage of the state program “Warm credit.” According to the Agency of Saee, the majority of families using the program changed the Windows in the apartments. Funds are also spent on insulation, energy efficient lights, boilers, etc. the Main goal of the program is to increase energy efficiency. At the same time, the Ukrainians were sheathed house a layer of insulation 50 mm (if required 100-120 mm), buying Windows with a low heat-transfer resistance (by the standards of resistance should be not less than 0.75 m2*K/W). According to experts, the main “mistake” before the insulation was necessary to conduct an energy audit. Otherwise, improper insulation can lead to the displacement of the dew point and mold in the apartments, not the heat saving.

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It tells the head of group of support of Ukraine in the European Commission Peter Wagner, in addition to these two laws, the Parliament should soon adopt the draft law “On housing and communal services”. Only after the adoption of all laws, you can count on the launch of an energy efficiency Fund.

“We don’t have the time we need to go through the procedure in the European Parliament and we need to reach a decision on how much money we can give to this important project (Fund energoeffektivnosti – ed.). We are trying to keep these laws were passed quickly, and we could help Ukraine. Yes, we have a law on energy efficiency Fund, but without other elements, it will not be able to work and influence the system. It is very important to take the pack – four of the act. We hope that these laws will be passed,” said Peter Wagner at the round table “the Test of the efficiency of Parliament.”