“It is the FSB-approved murder”: the accused in the case Nemtsov said about the respect policy

In the Moscow military circuit court completed the trial of the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov. June 21, all five defendants in the crime — Zaur Dadayev, brothers Anzor and Shadid Gubareva, Temirlan Eskerkhanov and Khamzat had the last word. Accused of the murder of Boris Nemtsov and their lawyers declared innocence to the crime and respect for the slain politician, writes “Medusa”.

Lawyers for the defendants claimed that the evidence of the prosecution does not stand up to scrutiny. “On such evidence of any person can be found guilty. If the Germans participated in the process, he would not be allowed to condemn the innocent,” he said at the end of court debate, the lawyer eskerhanova Anna Burciaga.

“The Chechens loved Politkovskaya and Nemtsov. They came to our rescue in the most difficult moments. It is a tragedy for the entire Chechen people. Mark my words that in Chechnya will stand monuments Nemtsov and Politkovskaya, and their name will be called school” – said the defender Anzor Gubashev Musa Khadisov.

Khamzat, whose role in the murder during the investigation so clearly not cleared up, the last word said that he learned about the murder, only from the news. “There was a terrible murder, it is no excuse, and no less awful, the ease with which you can accuse the man of murder. It is no less terrible,” he said.

“Shadid Gubarev his last word began with an apology to the family Nemtsov’s testimony that he gave during the preliminary investigation. Then Gubarev confessed and, in particular, called the policy “American scum”. At the meeting of June 21, Gubarev again stressed that moving away from these words and testified under torture.

“This is a political murder. FSB-approved murder. Great, such a big country that needs to protect his people, kills a man, and on its own citizens hang the atrocity. In front of the Kremlin obscure farmers you kill a man, in a protected area. You imagine it is?”, — said Gubarev.

Brother Shadid Anzor Gubashev, who also gave a confession, and then abandoned them, repeated that the defendants were tortured. “My opinion, Nemtsov was killed because of his courage for what he was talking about the current government. Then I didn’t know him, but here [in prison] read the book “confessions of a rebel” and I want to tell his mother thank you for having raised such a person,” said Gubarev.

“I did not commit this crime, I swear to Allah. I’m as pure as the tear of an angel, I swear to you” — appealed to the jury the existence Eskerkhanov.

Last was the alleged killer Nemcova — Zaur Dadaev. As brothers Gubareva, he stressed that he confessed only under torture, the security forces because of their own “cowardice”. “Are you interested in one [the head of Chechnya Ramzan] Kadyrov, but we are not him. We arrived in Moscow for the crime. We are not sheep to one sheep spoils the whole flock… the Chechens are not shot in the back. We are not the people to kill so,” he said.

As you know, today, June 22, the judge will read the jury a sheet of 26 questions about whether the parties proved the guilt of the accused or not — and they leave for the verdict.