Pass the fare: as Ukrainian cities go to a single ticket

Ukraine made a step towards the use of modern technology in the transport sector. Recently entered into force the law on electronic ticket — a single ticket for public transport. “Today,” found out in which cities this ticket will be introduced and how it will be convenient for passengers.

Recall that e-ticket will be a plastic card or a special key FOB with a chip that will be a number of prepaid visits. They will be read by special devices — validators. The authors of the law say that thanks to the innovation will really appreciate the passenger traffic on the routes and the income of workers to justify tariffs.

One of the authors of the bill, the head of KP “Venezacastello” Catherine Babin, told us that the primary implementation of the project has already begun in Ternopil, Vinnytsia and now — at the stage of tendering for the purchase of equipment. “The tender we plan to complete in the summer and will start installing equipment in transport”, — told us Babina. According to her, this project the EBRD will provide up to 8 million euros, and the budget will be allocated about 1 million euros. It does not exclude that the first e-tickets will be in the winery since September.

“After we are lions. In this town the same as we will launch the project together with the EBRD. But in Lviv are just starting this project — selected suppliers of equipment,” says Babina. It does not exclude that the question with passengers-exempts will be resolved simply, they propose to issue e-tickets for free. “The law obliges to develop a procedure — before the working group at the Ministry of Infrastructure has already delivered the challenge,” said Babina. The authors of the bill add that the mechanism of payment still needs to be adjusted. For example, if a person will pay for many trips, he can offer a substantial discount. But the city authorities are still waiting for a report from transport on the degree of readiness for the introduction of e-tickets. According to their results in the near future will make a decision on the project launch date in Kiev.

PIONEERS. In Ternopil a pilot project to test a new system launched in December of last year. However, when you start attracted to the ticketing system of conductors with the validators. “This system works in the first phase on all municipal transport. Now it is expanding on private transport, that is, carriers are trained to work with the new product — told us the representative of the company-operator Vitaly Vasilkov. But in the municipal transport already installed stationary validators”. Along with e-ticket, according to Vasilkova, is still cash. “But we’re going to what to pay by e-ticket in fact be cheaper due to bonuses, and we hope that passengers will prefer the electronics of the cash,” he assured Vasylkiv and added that for the five months pilot project of real income from the operation of public transport increased by 25%.