American bomber took to the air aviation of the Russian Federation

Russian su-27 is intercepted and escorted bomber US air force b-52 flying along the border of the Russian Federation over the Baltic sea. This was reported to journalists in the press service of the defense Ministry.

“On June 6 at about 10:00 Moscow time the Russian means of control of air space over neutral waters of the Baltic sea was discovered flying along the state border of the Russian Federation air target. To intercept targets in the air was raised fighter su-27 from the composition of the active-duty air defense of the Baltic fleet”, – is spoken in the message.

“The crew of the Russian su-27 approaching aerial object at a safe distance, identified it as the American strategic bomber b-52 and carried out support”, – said the defense Ministry.

After the removal of American bombers from the Russian Federation state border of the Russian su-27 has returned to the home airfield.

Earlier it was reported, the ships of the Baltic fleet suddenly left St. Petersburg due to the close location of the American destroyers with cruise missiles Tomahaw.